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To whom it may concern,

Firstly, I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for the offence I have caused via the social media post yesterday evening (October 12th 2017) . I take full responsibility for the competition promotion entry.

I failed to understand the offence this has caused and I sincerely apologise again to anyone has been affected by it. This was by no means my intention.

​Please feel free to contact me directly on des@menupages.ie​

Yours Sincerely,
Des Doyle

A letter of apology posted on Menupages Magazine this afternoon.

48 thoughts on “*drops fork*

  1. halfahead

    A: l have a great idea to promote the brand
    B: Does it involve social media and a current news story?
    A: Great! Any issues you can see?
    B: None, sure its only a bit of fun, the actual sorry is not important
    A: We apologise for our poor judgement relating to a serious topic………

    1. garthicus

      Not far off it.

      “Well that got out of hand…Didn’t mean to offend, just wanted to highlight the pure awfulness of this man VIA a restaurant competition, oops. Apologies for any offence taken.”

    1. Rob_G

      I wasn’t surprised at all by revelations when I saw a photo of him – he looks like some sort of primeval ogre.

  2. Nice Anne1

    12 angry women
    Withbail am I
    Star claws
    The American hasbeen
    All jailed on the raping front

  3. snowey

    I wish the offended with f off.
    It was a good idea better than the fluffy ones you would normally see

  4. bad@memes

    Everybody here finds it very amusing.
    You’d wonder why Des Doyle apologised at all.
    You’d wonder why menupages.ie removed the competition

    – Then you remember….
    …and it all makes sense again.

    1. bad@memes

      My last comment is over 25 minutes in moderation so far.
      Everybody else’s isn’t.

      What have I done wrong?

          1. bad@memes

            Hang on, I just got published.

            I also got to say the ‘F’ word so I’m calling it quits.

            Moderation. I LOVE YOU, again.

          2. bad@memes

            I shouldn’t have said that.
            I should not have said that.

            The fuppers hadn’t noticed it until I said it.

            It all gone Louis PP again.

          3. bad@memes

            Funny thing is, I used to think it was an algorithm.
            ‘An intelligent piece of software.’

            I appear to have been wrong on two impertinent and important elements of that presumption.

          4. bad@memes

            Johnny Bodger, you know that grass you’re smokin’ these days..?

            Can you get any more of it?
            – Me and the lads are prepared to throw in €5.00 each if you can get us some.

            That’s €15.00.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I dunno. I’ll be offended if it makes him feel better. Down with this sort of thing etc etc.

    2. bad@memes

      Was anyone actually offended by this?

      Don’t be silly.
      Sexual misconduct is ALWAYS funny.
      Innuendos are funny too, unless you’re on the receiving end. fnukk, fnukk…f’narr f’narr…

  5. :-Joe

    Harveys Chophouse…

    “You’ll come for asspirational ‘Grande’ cuisine… You’ll stay for the chef coming at your expense”

    A friend of mine told me a recent story that came out about how mr smarmy boo boo was in a nightclub, invited a broadcast media journalist down to the empty basement kitchen, told his entorage to stop letting people in and after backing her into a corner to make a move and despite being rejected he told her…

    “Ok can you shut up while I do this”, and proceeded to masturbate into the nearest potted plant…

    The only thing funny about all this is how some people who benifited enormously from being associated with him are now coming out of the woodwork to condemn him while clearly knowing about his behaviour the whole time.

    The usual hypocrasy i.e. Hillary Robot “I AM ALWAYS RELEVANT” Clinton and her fundraisers and celebrity ding dong escapades with her fellow sex offending husband.

    – If yer interested, there’s a recent doco called Code of Silence about big players in hollywood abusing actors… not an easy going subject but worth watching for an insight into something rarely even talked about.

    No means no, and sex means fun etc.


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