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Rosborough – Burn Blue

Just ‘dropped’ by Glenn Rosborough, a singer songwriter from Derry,

Glenn writes:

“I started my musical life from a very early age, teaching myself guitar at the age of ten and writing songs from the year after. Growing up in a musical household, with childhood heroes such as Tom Waits, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, becoming a musician was not a destined path but as realistic a career as becoming a lawyer, plumber or doctor. My parents made sure of that.”

Glenn Rosborough (Facebook)

6 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Not Gerry Adams

    what a feckin’ blurb to write
    his sainted parents thinking that being a professional musician was just as good as being a plumber/lawyer/doctor. incredible. truly magnanimous and understanding
    just stupendous

    and as for the actual music…

  2. The Ghost of Starina

    the song’s ok and he’s cute but he knows it and definitely practiced in the mirror loads before doing this video. 1/10

    1. Casey1

      The bloody cheek of him actually daring to practice. Where would have Mozart got with an attitude like that?

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