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The number of mortgage accounts impacted by the tracker scandal has risen by 3,100 to 13,000 since March, according to the Central Bank.

In an update on its examination of the issue, the regulator said 23 mortgage holders have so far been identified who lost their homes as a result of being improperly moved from their low-rate tracker product to a higher rate loan.

A further 79 buy-to-let customers affected have also had properties repossessed.

The Central Bank said it expects both of these figures to rise.

By the end of September, banks had rectified the interest rates applied to around 7,700 (98%) impacted mortgage accounts that have so far been identified – a rise of about 1,400 since March.

13,000 mortgage accounts affected by tracker scandal so far – Central Bank (RTÉ)


9 thoughts on “Unknown Variable

    1. dav

      No repercussions – this is Ireland where the banks/vuture funds/ corporate tax evaders rule..
      Bravo blushirts

  1. LennyZero

    The people affected should be compensated, but i’d love to know how many would have stopped paying their mortgage regardless of the rate they were paying.

  2. Topsy

    Are the fraud squad investigating the possibility of corporate criminality by the banks or indeed by individuals within the banks in this whole fiasco.

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