Clear And Present



Firhouse, Dublin 24

Scientology leader David Miscavige (above) attends the opening of the religion’s Dublin ‘Ideal Org’.

Mr Miscavige said:

“Today we make good on a pledge to honour a land our Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, so loved, and a people he described as wonderfully warm, even if the weather is occasionally not.

And if that doesn’t say it, then allow me to quote from your own Mr. Yeats: ‘Many times Man lives and dies between his two eternities… And ancient Ireland knew it all’.

So to Ireland eternal, Ireland transcendent: You kept literature alive for 500 years. You built America, and possibly even discovered it.

You taught Mankind equality and how to live with dignity in the absence thereof. And, you taught us there is no commodity so precious as beauty, for which you stand.

All of which is why we’re proud to stand by you, as we open this new Church of Scientology and Community Centre of Dublin.”


Grand Dublin Opening (Scientology Centre)

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Also Saturday.

A protest against the opening by members of Ex Scientologists Ireland outside the Ideal Org HQ


66 thoughts on “Clear And Present

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Loooool. Obviously you’re taken in by sweet talk. Obviously. If an Irish Trump comes along, it’ll be people like you that vote for him.

  1. Yep

    Does anyone have an idea of why here? Tax? Property? Lack of a push back?

    It really is a special type of mental.

    1. Buckfastmonkey

      No more mental than eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the invisible zombie king every Sunday.

      1. postmanpat

        It is actually. Real religions don’t conceal part of their belief systems , so if you ask a Priest , Rabbi or Muslim cleric its stance on issue X and the history of Y and the official prediction of what will happen in the future, they have to give an answer, its no secret, they don’t tell you that you have to reach a certain level (after investing time and money which is all recorded by the cult )to have certain questions answered. Comparing putting an anonymous amount of money (or no money) into a collection plate and choosing to believe that a wafer is part of the body of a prophet who died 2000 years ago (or just represents the body if your a proddie) is a lot different than handing tens of thousand of dollars , which is all recorded, in the hope of gaining a level up with the promise (lie) of accessing new super powered abilities and finding out the big secret to the religion. (and then finding out about some intergalactic civil war and lord Xenu flying Boeing 747s into volcanos a million years ago) .One doesn’t have to pay a penny or give any time to join a real religion. You have to pay to become a scientologist. Cults ,like Scientology, actually ARE more mental than religions. Scientology IS more mental than eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the invisible zombie king every Sunday.

    2. Kolmo

      Easier to shift money between EU countries, Brexit would have caused problems, there is a HQ still in London, these gangsters are accountants first, creepy cult managers second.

    3. ahjayzis

      A cross-party consense in politics that sees itself as the hotel manager / HR department for any foreigner with a bit of dough to set up shop and basically live with impunity. It was only a matter of time before dangerous cults followed on the heels of Facebook.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    Surprised your man Miscavige hasn’t changed his name. He has the hair alright but a convincing cult leader should have a conventional Anglo-Saxon surname.

  3. francis almond

    Let them at it.
    My next door neighbour is a catholic, I hear they collect money during each mass and what do they do with it? They maintain their considerable properties and prevent your daughter from getting an abortion.

  4. Nigel

    First Annual Montgomery Burns
    For Oustanding Acheivement
    In The Field of

  5. GoddessDurga

    Nice building. But we have enough sectarianism, bigotry and crazy beliefs here already; selling into a capacity market here, boys.

    1. scottser

      they’re not here for our souls, they’re here to hide their lucre from the tax man. it’s all about the gravy, lovely, lovely gravy.

  6. Custo

    Reading the full report on their website, it’s worrying that some of the speakers were from govt funded youth agencies. (Tallaght drug task force & sports against racism Ireland).

    1. postmanpat

      I think Nicola Keating is just some HSE employee crank and part of “a” Tallaght drug task force not “The” Tallaght drug task force? I don’t think she is part of the real one. She is not listed on the site . Make an enquiry here: .As for Ms. Amina Mustafa Keogh: SARI seem to be on the way out. They haven’t done anything in over a year. Maybe Scientology is installing its cult members into positions of power within dying “non-profits”

  7. Optimus Grime

    Hold up I am just reading the website here, these lads are loo lah! –
    With 20 years of frontline experience tackling the problems of addiction and drug abuse, Ms. Keating sees the Church-sponsored Truth About Drugs campaign as a vital necessity: “Ireland is a beautiful country,” she said. “But unfortunately we are suffering from a drug epidemic. Fifty-four percent of our population are using substances abusively and those addicted wander the streets and gutters of Dublin as forgotten souls. But, your Drug-Free World programme is straight-talking and speaks to everyone. And I have already seen it grow in use—both here in Dublin and right down to Cork. You’ve reached out your hand to addicts, the homeless, at-risk youth, immigrant families and Irish people of every background. In fact, nothing more need be said, when you’ve already given over 500,000 people of Ireland the Truth About Drugs.”

    54% of the country using substances abusively!
    The streets and gutters of Dublin!!
    500,000 people helped!

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Further down it qualifies that – the percentage falls to 12% if badatmemes’ weekend consumption is discounted

  8. On The Buses

    This is going to be gas craic. I’m on a day off, definitely driving up to see what the story is.

  9. Joxer

    @OptimusGrime…. they’d be looking at the consumption of Alcohol and the way we rip the arse out of it at the drop of a hat as being ‘abusive’ so yeah its not far from the truth when viewed that way. not sure though that we are all wandering the streets or Dublin and inhabiting the gutters…..

  10. gorugeen

    Looking at those photos one can easily see the noodlyness. Just look at the logo…noodly. I suspect LRon Hubbard really wanted in to FSM church but he was too loony. So off he went, made up a new one but couldn’t get his noodlyness out of his mind. I’m just waiting for this lot to issue a press release about pirates. That’ll prove my theory.

    1. postmanpat

      We prefer the term “suppressive person” as we don’t recognize any form of phycology , we hope he is removed from the area so as not to upset the good people attending morning prayers. ALL HAIL LORD XENU!!! NANU NANU!

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