For Your Consideration


Planxty: Their Story In Three Minutes

A capsule history of the genius-drenched, barber shop-hating quartet.

Unnaturally sweaty.

By Dan O’Neill

Top pic: Michael Putland

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16 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

    1. badatmemes

      I agree.
      Planxty were thr frontrunners.
      We wouldn’t have The Pogues without them.
      (The Chieftans played to the Late Late Show and the USA audience. Planxty made Trad cool for the everyman.)

  1. badatmemes

    When I was much, much younger I thought I was cool because my younger brother was going out with a girl who worked in a shop in Clondalkin belonging to Donal Lunny’s sister.

    She married my older brother in the end.
    (The shop assostant, not the sister.(

    We don’t speak, but it’s unrelated.

  2. Happy Molloy

    Oh I will so look at this, Raggle Taggle gypsy going into tabhair dom do lamh is one of my favourite music things

    1. Happy Molloy

      We need to understand more what that trad music revival was like, the Bothy Band coming to town were like Zeppelin coming to town.

      I was told.

  3. scottser

    The only thing that has ever gotten my youngest to sleep is ‘as I roved out’. She’s out by the time the gobshite is making his dumbass excuses.

  4. badatmemes

    I know it’s not Planxty but this post made me dig out me copy of ‘Hidden Ground’ by Paddy Glackin and Joloyn Jackson.
    Now if only I could find me cassette of Spud’s ‘Smokin’ On The Bog’…

    1. bad@memes

      Sorry Jolyon, I won’t misspell your name ever again.
      It was 37yrs ago. Give a man a break….

      I got your surname right, didn’t I?

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