19 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    He always seems like a very personable chap. I enjoyed his well-brought-up “thanks-for-having-me” to Graham Norton at the end of the show on Friday night. He’s got a fairly weak voice though.

  2. martco

    thanks a mil for that

    I had been considering a 2 scoop salted caramel ice cream cone from gino’s on way home to a nice quiet (for once) house whereby I was gonna make myself a nice BLT & tae to go with all 5 episodes of the new Star Trek series on Netflix

    but now u just feel ill after reading that and I won’t eat until at least tomorrow

    despite my self-assumed reasonable worldliness I thought I’d have heard of a good bit of the disgusting sht people sometimes do but that was a new one for me

    thanks BS


    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Christ. I’d love to watch that new Star Trek series. I must get me some Netflix. I’ll make do with Mr Mercedes tonight instead.

    2. badatmemes

      Thanks for the heads-up martco.
      I almost hit the ‘I feel lucky’ button on Google.
      You saved me from my own curiousity

      I would’ve gotten another picture of Louis Walsh, wouldn’t I?

  3. edalicious

    I never believed that anyone ever actually did the soggy biscuit thing. I always figured it was a myth, an urban legend.

  4. Termagant

    To those of us whose minds are not permanently in the gutter a soggy biscuit is one that’s been dipped in tea slightly too long, and disintegrates just as it’s being lifted out, to a reaction of mild disappointment.

    1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

      Yeah exactly. Never heard of this other version before!
      I’m gonna go with a ‘he who smelt it, dealt it’ on this one. Unless I’m totally out of the loop altogether, in which case apologies to the reviewer, bodger and certain commenters for suggesting yee masturbated into a biscuit.

      (Most fun apology I’ve done in a while.)

    1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

      I’ve been feeling guilty after posting my previous comments on this page. I’ve no idea how obvious it is to others reading this, but I felt a surge of anti-Protestant feeling during and after posting those comments. Sounds silly maybe because they’re just anonymous yokes posted on the internet, but the surge/feeling mentioned previously, of that particular bile, quietly shook me. I didn’t think I had that in me.

      Sorry if I’ve insulted you bodger, not just in these comments but in other comments lately. You don’t deserve that. Thanks for letting me use your website.

  5. Mourning Ireland

    Disgusting filth. In the paper of #MeToo, too.

    A letter to Sir shall be sent forthwith.

    As with Harvey Weinstein I’ll ensure they’ll never self pleasure in this town again.

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