Brazil Vs Ireland


Na irlanda é pior.

Translation: Ireland is worse.


Luiz Fernando Cruz writes:

I have lived in Dublin since 2014. In 2016 I suffered a stroke while working as a Software Engineer. Since then I’ve been recovering and making videos for YouTube.

Some Irish friends advised me to send you my video ‘It’s Worse In Ireland’ where I get to talk about some of the the things I (and many other Brazilians) believe are worse here when compared with Brazil (my native country).

It’s not a very serious video as I mainly make comedy videos.


LF Vlog

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10 thoughts on “Brazil Vs Ireland

  1. dav

    This is a corrupt backwater who’s citizens wealth and health are sacrificed in order for bank. vulture funds and corporate tax evaders to prosper. Our government are more interested in hearing that the country is “great for doing business in” instead of “great for living in”…

        1. f_lawless

          true but at least they were able to root out Official Ireland’s Olympic ticket scam from operating in their country.

    1. Happy Molloy

      I ,and I’m being very honest here, once spoke to a Brazilian lad who was in tears at how happy he was that after working here for a few years he was going to go to college and was getting support from it.
      It was never a possibility where he was from due to the social structure.

      I suppose it depends on your outlook dav.

      I’m able, not saying I’m right (but I am) to appreciate the good with the bad

  2. Ding

    Yourself and your friends need to hurry up and start impregnating our women, we can’t rely on Daryl Murphy to get us to major competitions

  3. Happy Molloy

    Enjoyed the video man.

    I worked with a lot of Gort lads, you know what I mean, gents.

    it’s not a bad aul spot, I find we’ve so much in common.

  4. Yep

    Jesus, 4 minutes in I nearly had a stroke dealing with the edits! ;)

    Get strong soon dude. Maybe half the video length and keep in the good jokes.

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