Aran B writes:

Spotted some lad tagging bikes on Chatham Row, Dublin 2 with zip ties.

He had no council work gear on but seemed to be marking only older bikes that have seen better days (rusted chains or missing seat etc)

Any ideas?

9 thoughts on “Anyone?

  1. Liam Knuj

    The council sometimes takes away abandoned bikes from bike racks etc – maybe part of the same process?

  2. edalicious

    Tag the bike, leave it a few months, then come back and harvest it for parts if it hasn’t moved and the tag is still on it. I’ve been tempted to do this with a few bikes I’ve seen parked around town/

  3. Dhaughton99

    I was talking to a Luas contractor recently who told me never leave a bike on the Luas racks over night as some of the overnight cleaners have a sideline business of selling them for parts. They will cut the lock of the ones they fancy, claiming they are blocking an area, bringing them back to the base and filling in a form and sticking them in a skip for later.

  4. GoddessDurga

    The councils normally put a card on saying the bike will be removed if not claimed and removed by x date. Never seen the cable ties.

  5. test1

    Giamatti, while scenery chewing with the best, can graciously be referred to as giving a “cameo” in the film considering his very limited screen time.

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