This morning.

In The Times Ireland edition.

Catherine Sanz reported:

Women should be mindful about endangering their “health and wellbeing” by playing rugby, a Fianna Fáil senator has said.

Terry Leyden claimed that research he read “somewhere” had shown that the sport was not recommended for young women. “I am not a doctor, but it’s very rough,” he said. “It is a bit more physical than soccer or gaelic football. There are inherent risks in too physical sports . . . I’m just saying, be careful. I don’t want to see anyone endangering their health and wellbeing.”

He made the comments to Denis Naughten, the communications minister, in the Seanad last week in a discussion on the move to broadcast Ladies’ All-Ireland football, camogie finals, and Six Nations championships free to air.

He refused to indicate where the research he cited could be found other than “on Google”, and The Times was unable to locate any medical research resembling what he claimed.



Rugby is bad for women’s wellbeing, says senator (The Times Ireland edition, Catherine Sanz)

Further to this…

I regret the offence caused to Women’s rugby by my recent comments. I have been contacted by a number of people regarding the participation of Women in Rugby and realise that my point of view was ill informed.

.I fully support all players and this week, players both male and female across Ireland and the UK are wearing wristbands that read ‘LEGACY‘, calling into question the legacy the IRFU want to leave women’s rugby with, just after hosting the World Cup.

I fully support the legacy campaign. #legacy

Senator Terry Leydon, this afternoon


Senator Terry Leyden regrets offence caused by recent comments regarding women’s participation in rugby (Senator Leyden)

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  1. Milo

    Well, another day, another outrage. Man shows concern for women rugby player health while a debate rages about the injuries being sustained in all types of rugby, concussion being the most obvious one. Hang the man for his concern and move on to next target please. Cos we just like fixed concussion, rape, anti semitism, male privilege and homophobia the same way! This stuff works,.

    1. VinLieger

      “debate rages about the injuries being sustained in all types of rugby” sources to support this or did you find that “on the google” like the senator?
      And if your going to quote the garbage from alarmist Allison Pollock be aware her data is completely flawed and she is misrepresenting the facts. As world rugby put it “The continual claims made by Pollock are not based on like-for-like injury statistics and her extreme and alarmist conclusions are simply not supported by the data. It is well documented that, for most sports, injury rates increase with age, but the quoted research mixes 9-12 with 18-20 age groups.”

    2. Gimme Shelter

      What evidence is there to suggest that rugby is harmful for women’s health? Or that apparent risk outweighs the benefits? Not outraged at all, genuinely want you to expand on your well thought out arguments no doubt supported by credible sources of evidence.

  2. papa p

    Sport is unhealthy for women say out-of-touch overweight man.

    The neck on him in the photo on his website.
    I’m assuming that was the best photo?

    A man who can’t wear a belt and a tie on the same day for fear of looking like sausages.

    1. Milo

      He never said it was unhealthy. He said he didnt want them damaging their health because its very rough. But anyway, you go ahead with your fat shaming. And everyone here will be fine with it cos he is a middle aged, white man. Oh the stench of hypocrisy…

      1. Gimme Shelter

        Up to now we guessed but didn’t know for sure that you are a middle aged white fat man Milo.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

    2. realPolithicks

      Thanks for that Papa, I actually laughed out loud…which got me a few funny looks from the other passengers on the train.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Girls, stick to competitive embroidery or cheerleading the boys for all your sporting needs.

    1. Yep

      Competitive embroidery is no joke. Sooner they make thimbles compulsory the better. Barbaric at the lower levels.

    2. realPolithicks

      FFS could he be any more stereotypically paternalistic? Rugby is a dangerous sport, no more so for women than men!

    1. Gimme Shelter

      What’s with all the bitterness, bigotry, woman-hating and obsessive faith-based belief system Milo?

      1. Milo

        Show me one incident of any. I think my pointing out of the hypocritical nonsense on here is getting to you.

      2. dav

        join me and milo for a decade of a rosary, celebrating the 15th glorious mystery, the circumcision…

  4. nellyb

    Sounds like women’s rugby simply upsets his aesthetics. I don’t think he meant to demean women, he’s just from another era.
    But, Senator Leyden, believe it or not: handling weekly food shopping for a family is a physical sport, carrying toddlers around is also a physical sport. It causes injuries to lower back, knees, pulls muscles… Especially when the sports are combined, through necessity. And if woman is a nurse – she would sometimes handle heavy immobile adults.

    1. P

      It’s all fun and games until poo like this is thought to be the consensus and women are put off the games, attendance drops, teams fold, sponsorship declines and funding is denied. All for a bit of “aesthetics”

    2. Dubhlinn

      Here is what your ‘upset aesthics’ result in if left unchallenged:
      Acceptance this is a correct narrative
      Reluctance of women to take up the sport
      Drop in sponsorship and funding
      Dwindling audiences
      Teams folding
      Less sporting opportunities for differently abled women

  5. Nice Anne1

    Hi justin
    No debate raged. He apologised for making this bullpoo up. The points were made about him not being a medical professional or having a credible source for his claim. You must have missed them in your dash to be outraged about the non-existent outrage. Poor you.

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