19 thoughts on “Your Kardashian Rating

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Men fund soccer players, women fund The Kardasians…. in general. Gender is a social construct, until there is equal distribution of funding as in men buying g more Kardashian products and women buying more initialised football boots there will be no equality !

    praise kek

    1. Nice Anne1

      Wow – some nice casual sexism there. Men funding sport, women funding vapidness. (in general)

      Men fund the Kard.. their images appear on mens magazines (gay and not gay) A quick google shows Forbes, NewYorker, Paper and Playboy.

      A lot of women do not fund the Kardig,…. in the least
      A lot of women fund sport and the Kar..dash… whatevers
      A lot of women only fund sport

      …but don’t let that get in the way of a good ole bit of sexism. FFS.
      What time does the banjo recital start?

        1. Nice Anne1

          “In general” the equivalent to:
          — I’m sorry but (I’m not sorry)
          — I don’t mean to be mean but (gonna be so mean)
          — honestly (I’m gonna lie)

          Just because you put it after a sexist declaration doesn’t make it magically not sexist.

  2. LW

    Good man Clampers, keep flying that flag.

    Broadsheet/Bodger/ your IT dept, FYI, when browsing to broadsheet.ie (sans www at the start) the most recent post is from three days ago. When navigating to https://www.broadsheet.ie, the up to date site is displayed. Maybe ye need to update the redirect!

      1. Candy Crush Guru

        for some maybe

        But I don’t want to know that Kim with the ridiculous Arse will have earned more before I go to bed tonight than I will for a whole 12 months graft.

  3. badatmemes

    I love how none of the comments are directly related to the actual post.
    I wish I knew how to post a laugh.

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