Arrested In Citywest


Public warned not to approach ‘armed’ man on run (RTE)

Pics via A (thanks)

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50 thoughts on “Arrested In Citywest

    1. badatmemes

      You might not believe this, and I don’t care if you don’t…

      My 16yr daughter called me at 3:10pm. She was in the Pharmacy in Citywest when this guy got arrested. She was very distressed.
      Fair play to the Gardaí for controlling the situation, and to the Pharmacy for closing their shutters and locking her inside out of harm’s way.

      When I get home I’ll ask her why she wasn’t in school. Now is not the right time.

        1. badatmemes

          If I had the same initials as Bill Bailey I’d post a comment saying ‘Shots fired!’,

          I’m not that type of guy though. Sorry.

        1. badatmemes

          That’s perfectly okay.
          I don’t come here to find friends, and even if I did you wouldn’t be in the running.

          I have a real life, with real friends…
          …you wouldn’t understand.

        1. badatmemes

          it only becomes frightening when it it hits you personally.
          In itself, that’s more frightening, more worrying…

          We are being divided because we are driven to live in fear of each other.
          – If you don’t know what I mean ask a Russian.

          NEVER succumb to fear.
          Be strong.

          That’s what I told my daughter.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Was this an exercise? I doubt there are that many armed armed Gardai in the one area that can arrive within that short space of time. And a photographer on hand with his zoom lense and all that. Maybe Mememan can get the full story?

      1. badatmemes

        Sorry GidditeyPoo.

        I made it all up.
        I fooled the Gardaí and RTÉ, but I cannot fool you.
        Nothing happened. I’m sorry.
        My daughter was never in danger.

        I was wrong.
        You’re great.
        I apologise

          1. badatmemes

            I’m sorry Janice.
            I’m drunk. I say stupid things sometimes.
            I didn’t actually mean to be an A-hole.

            It’s not as easy as I make it look to be like what I think I think I am, even if it isn’t the real me, really, and that’s no joke.

            (And the correct spelling is ‘dreamt’.)

            You’re cool.
            You’re one of the six or seven.

  1. Nice Anne1

    Did the last person off the Vegas ask a broadsheet reader thread turn off the lights or is the debate still raging?

  2. Topsy

    8 hours & six cars before fugitive with a gun was apprehended by the Garda. God help us all if we were under attack from a group of Islamic terrorists actually intent on slaughter. Half the city would be wiped out.

    1. Bort

      If this had been a mass shooting event, the death toll would have been huge. 10 Guards run in the door and the guy runs out the door they all just came in. He’s lucky he didn’t get shot to be honest.

      If anything this should be a serious wake up call if we did face a terror attack.

      They got him but that can’t be considered a good result

  3. Ben Redmond

    Great group rugger tackle by the Gardai on the Shorts Man. Shoppers got away neatly with their bags too.

    1. badatmemes

      I get you, Ben Roundabout…
      …These Tallaght-Dwelling Sub-humans are all shoplifters, innit?

      It such a laugh.
      Luckily nobody innocent got shot
      It would’ve ruined your pathetic joke.

      What is wrong with you people?

  4. badatmemes

    I know as little as any of you about this affair..
    What I DO know is that it was the Tallaght Gardaí who apprehended the guy.

    Come back to me when we find out where he came from.

    I could be wrong….

    1. Yep

      How about you spend the evening talking to your daughter about the world and what’s in your head.

      I think you need a family member to commit. Might help.


        1. Yep

          How about you spend your “evening” talking to your daughter, during her “morning”, about what happened yesterday.

          You can commit yourself. We all need help.


        2. badatmemes

          Sorry Yep…

          You think I’m at home or on my ‘free-time’ because I’m drunk.
          I’m actually at work.
          I’m rolling a joint. It isn’t me first one tonight.

          I never pretend I actually ‘work’ when I’m at work.
          I just don’t give a flipperty flupp..
          My employer is terrified of me, and that works for me.
          What he doesn’t know won’t upset him and he likes it like that.

          What kinda job do you have?

  5. Shayna

    Is it just me, or are the garda a tad on the casual side of the ould dress code? Nonetheless, they looked impressive in the plumber’s video.

    1. badatmemes

      Funny thing Shayna, but get this….
      (I swear, it’s kinda related.)
      The ticket- inspectors on the Luas have stopped wearing their Hi-Vis jackets.

      Think about it…

      Anyway, my next comment is directed at Yep.

      (It’s your Birthday next week, so shut up.)

      1. badatmemes

        Sorry Shayna.
        I didn’t mean that.
        For all I know you’re probably a bigger man than me.

        Fuppin; Internet… It wreck me heads.

        1. badatmemes

          Thank you Shayna for being the only other person I suspect of being able to spell ‘Hallowe’en’ properly.
          It means a lot.
          (I’m a closet pedant, but don’t tell anyone.)

  6. badatmemes

    The word ‘World’ in the context you used it needs a capital letter.
    I’m not not normally one to dictate what others ought to do, but in your case I’m prepared to make an exception.

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