This morning.

Ibrahim Halawa, his sister Nasaybi and Ambassador to Egypt, Sean O’Regan on a flight returning to Dublin.



32 thoughts on “Coming Home

      1. Nigel

        ‘Four more years for a crime he didn’t commit! Four more years for a crime he didn’t commit!’ Very inspiring.

      2. ahjayzis

        Real patriot there, proudly supporting internment without trial of Irish citizens by a foreign government.

  1. Jonickal

    The liberals will be whooping and hollering on his return because they love a bit of Muslim Brotherhood gay bashing, woman hating, abortion blocking Sharia Law.

    1. dav

      yes, yes, everything is the fault of them “liberals” if only we can go back to the good old days of child abusing church rule…

      1. Topsy

        @dav, obviously you’re a Sharia law advocate. You probably like to keep you’re wench under thumb & two steps behind you.

    2. bisted

      …I think people in this country should be more worried about ‘gay bashing, woman hating, abortion blocking’ Canon Law.

  2. Jockey

    “Ibrahim and his family have asked for privacy during this time”.

    But they would also like to share this time and this place in this airport terminal.. just in case..

    Regardless of which side anyone was on, I’m delighted this is all over.

    1. bob

      Its not over. He has become a celebrity, and will be touted the radio stations and the late late. Then he will have a book out.

      1. ahjayzis

        Distracting attention from truly interesting stories like how Gerry Ryan’s spawn has discovered pilahhhshays or some such.

  3. edalicious

    “Ah, lovely to be home. Might just quickly glance at to see what I’ve been missing out on…”


  4. martco

    he’s lost 4 crucial formative years of his life nevermind what abuses he may have had to suffer at his young age – he will do very well just to remain sane and happy for the next couple of years! I hope his family sees the dangers & organises some serious counselling for him asap to help him reboot.

    I anyway unreservedly wish him the very best of luck with the rest of his life & hope he finds his way

    1. Cian

      I was watching the news the other night and his mates were being interviewed. One mentioned that they were leaving cert when Ibrahim was arrested, and he was now finishing college.
      It will be a huge shock to Ibrahim that he and his peers are now so far apart.

    2. ahjayzis

      I really wish there was a way to spare him the utter racist scum among the Irish who wished he’d stayed in prison without trial for longer because “sher he’s basically Obama bin Aladdin or whatever jaysus, u dont protest a minitary coup hunnnnn, only don’t ask them how hun.”

      I hope they all get really awful, terminal diseases, I’m ashamed to be from the same continent, let alone island.

      1. Happy Molloy

        Such people only usually exist on the internet. If he keeps off forums and online comment sections he will be grand, I would hope.

        I hope they don’t drag him on to the late late on Friday, think I’d find it all too overwhelming if it was me!

        1. Brother Barnabas

          I’d imagine he’s experienced worse than Ryan Tubridy at some stage over the last 4 years – or, at least, as bad as

          So hopefully he can handle it

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