The Central Bank Tweets…


Central Bank governor Philip Lane yesterday

Right so.

Yesterday: ‘Do You Have Enough Powers, Do You Think?’


Ulster Bank Chief Executive Gerry Mallon (top) and Allied Irish Bank Chief Executive Bernard Byrne arriving at the Department of Finance this morning

This afternoon.

In relation to the tracker mortgage scandal…

Following meetings at the Department of Finance with the Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe this morning…

Ulster Bank Chief Executive Gerry Mallon told journalists:

“We met with the minister and we listened to what he had to say. We’ve apologised unequivocally for the mistakes the bank has made and I’d like to reiterate that apology again today. We are genuinely very sorry.”

“Our number one focus, as a bank, is putting this right and that’s what we’re going to work hard at now. We’ll make a statement later. Thank you.”

Allied Irish Bank Chief Executive Bernard Byrne told journalists:

We have apologised several times before and I apologise again for what has happened in respect of this, to tracker customers. We listened to what the minster had to say and we’re going to make a fuller statement tomorrow in respect of that.

“And for the moment what we’re able to confirm is we’re fully committed to working in line with the framework that exists and we’re confident we’ll be able to make significant progress again.”

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5 thoughts on “The Central Bank Tweets…

  1. John


    Nobody said “we must get people off trackers then”? Nobody devised the plan on when it would be done? Nobody defined the process for getting people off trackers? Nobody assigned people to the plan? Nobody managed this process through?

    Just mistakes?

  2. Kolmo

    The only mistake they are apologising for is that they got caught and exposed as greasy swine…(eventually. )
    Mistakes my hewp – It was a fully formulated, thought-out, costed and finally signed off by management, policy – they are not a mistakes.
    Unimaginable amounts of stress afflicted onto ordinary people by these “mistakes”, most of whom had the prospect of homelessness hovering around them for years….

  3. phil

    Interesting how all the banks have the same statement…. Sorry , very sorry, we will say something else later… Maybe Leo’s spin department also had a word with them …

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