5 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. upsidedownbloke

    Top of the post, geographrically-speaking, in the North-eastern direction, in big black letters.

    I can’t see it from here…
    …what does it say?

  2. Catherinecostelloe

    Have we a two tier justice system ? Det Sgt Eve Doherty will be remanded in custody to Mountjoy tomorrow until her sentencing on Jan 19th next year. That means because she is on remand she has to stay in prison .She was found guilty of harassing Liz Howling, of DDP’s office, not guilty of perverting the course of justice., calling M s Howling corrupt, incompetent,and useless. But is prison appropriate for a woman suffering severe work related istress issues, anxiety, paronoia? She has already spent a month in John of Gods. I am aware of another detective dismissed from the force for corruption, appealed on a technicality, back in force after a fine of 17,000 euro.. This is a very harsh decision taking mental health issues into consideration.

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