Ireland’s bid to host 2023 Rugby World Cup in tatters after finishing last in most criteria (

30 thoughts on “‘Bulletproof’

  1. dav

    good to see leo’s vanity project torpedoed, hopefully the resources set aside can be used to help with the homeless crisis in the country.

    1. Andrew

      Do you know how much homeless charities in Dublin receive from the taxpayer?
      Do you know how many homeless charities and agencies there are? Too many according to Alice Leahy.
      Money is not the issue when it comes to homelessness.

      You don’t think the rugby world cup might have generated some income and taxes?

      1. realPolithicks

        I’ll go down that rabbit hole for a second. Why is the resolution of the homeless crisis in Ireland left up to charities, why isn’t the government dealing with the issue directly?

        1. rotide

          How can you possibly have read his comment that way? He didn’t come close to saying that the resolution of the crisis is up to the charities, he said that they get a lot of money.

          He said that money is not the issue, so by inference, management/government is.

      2. dav

        Complaining about homeless charities, eh?
        Do you think their very existence encourages homelessness?

        “The rich man in his castle,
        The poor man at his gate,
        God made them, high and lowly,
        And order’d their estate”

        I might suggest that the above Victorian poem probably resonates with you..

        1. Andrew

          @ dav:
          Your brain limits your thought process. You have nothing to add really. Simplistic, sound bites that make you feel good. That’s about it with you.
          I’ll leave you to it.

          1. Rowsdower

            Is there a competition going on with Broadsheet commentators to see who can appear as the most ignorant and arrogant in one comment?

            Christ alive, how unlikable you are.

  2. Murtles

    I blame Liam Neeson. He said “The World” 19 times in that 1 minute 28 second ad for Ireland’s bid. Unnerving.

    1. rotide

      By the 5th ‘World’, i was flinching. By 10 i was rocking back and forth. What was that copywriter thinking?

  3. ObeeWaahhnn

    Oh thank God, weve surely dodged a bullet here. Could you imagine it. The country would have been ruined.
    A generation of children would have been lost to Rugby. Young people have been saved from the clutches of Ryle Nugent and the sinister cabal of elites in D4 forcing the Rugbification upon this nation at every turn. This is only the first victory in a longer war against the forces of the oval ball. They will be back, they’ll lick their wounds and return a new but we must be ready to face down this threat to our sporting life and for the sake of childrens sporting existence!

  4. Brother Barnabas

    In fairness, our bid was crap. Vapid waffle, utterly unconvincing. Half way down the first page, it was obvious that it was doomed.

    1. Jocky

      Only Croke Park was rated good enough for QFs and onwards. And its not even a great venue for a rugby game.

  5. Otis Blue

    “World Rugby and Rugby World Cup Limited Chairman Bill Beaumont said: “This is the first Rugby World Cup host selection to take place following a complete redesign of the bidding process to promote greater transparency and maximise World Rugby’s hosting objectives”

    I’d say the oul transparency bit did for us in the end.

  6. dav

    I heard on the radio that Páirc Uí Chaoimh is to blame!
    Apparently it’s “issues” merited special mention in the report.
    G’Wan Frilly Keane et all.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Pairc not grand enough for them?

      Sur they’d no business down there anyway
      Haven’t they got their own gaff over in Musgrave Park anyway

  7. MoyestWithExcitement

    This was a rather hilarious wake up call for the gombeens in our elitist class. Incompetent, entitled morons who have no idea what hard work really is.

    1. Rowsdower

      Oh please, lecture the rest of us on hard work when you’re making comments on articles during the work day.

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