Glass Always Full


Former Irish Water managing director John Tierney

At Dublin City Council, he forced through the Covanta waste plant.

Following this he oversaw the launch of Irish Water.

How can we thank John Tierney?

Ken Foxe writes:

Irish Water had to put aside more than €470,000 as part of a special deal to ensure former boss John Tierney could be paid his full pension aged 57 and after working for just three years at the company.

Documents have revealed how if Mr Tierney stayed in his previous job at Dublin City Council, he would not have been entitled to his full pension until he was sixty.

However, as part of the deal he made when he switched jobs to take up a position as managing director at Irish Water, his pension instead had to be made payable as soon as his contract ended.

Because Dublin City Council would not have paid Mr Tierney his pension until he was sixty – Irish Water had to make up the shortfall to cover the extra three years.

The special deal had to be signed off by the Department of Housing and by the Department of Public Expenditure, according to Irish Water:

“At the time of Mr Tierney’s appointment [January 2013] the then Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources [Pat Rabbitte] had responsibility for Ervia, and he approved the contract with the consent of the Minister for Public Expenditure [Brendan Howlin] and … the Minister for [the] Environment. [Phil Hogan]”

Good times.

Why Irish Water had to put aside €473,000 so former boss John Tierney could get full pension aged 57 (Ken Foxe)


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  1. Gimme Shelter

    But he made such a great job of it wha

    You sound just like a whinging begrudger who doesn’t get up early in the morning Kenny

  2. Cian

    What is his pension? They should just pay him directly the 3 years worth of money rather than add it to the pension. If the 470,000 is split over 3 years it’s €156K!

    1. bdoons

      Howlin is a token leader. He’ll keep pretending until he retires on a party leader’s pension. Just like Kenny.

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