Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10pm)!


You are cordially invited…

…to join a panel of your peers PLUS two special guests as they comb through the stories of the week like a brand spanking new Mason Pearson hair brush.

Broadsheet on the Telly
returns at 10pm streaming LIVE into your homes (above) and on our You Tube Channel.

Dirty linen to be aired may include Catalonia, conspiracy facts, Colgan and GateGate,

Some swearing only to be expected.


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71 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10pm)!

  1. Shayna

    It would appear that I’ll supply a little swearing – I agreed with the “Preposterous One” to go on De Telly Live tonight. Yes, I’m a real person I’m not a shinnerbot Nordie. I’m not sure what flavour I can add to the show, but, maybe if I swear a lot?

    1. bad@memes

      Fair play to you.
      I swear, it’s already better than last week’s episode.

      I offerred me talents to BOTV once, in return for being released from moderation.
      I couldn’t understand how they thought it might work any other way.
      They said no thanks.

      I wouldn’t do it now if they paid me.

      1. Shayna

        I don’t know, it’s about being brave, or something along those lines. Put a face to the keyboard warriors. Mine isn’t so pretty and my accent is’t what you’d expect? Crumbs!

      2. bad@memes

        I was going to say I love Nordie accents, (just to upset you, slightly.)
        – Truth is, I hate Nordie accents so the joke is on me. Ha ha.

        Only slaggin’…
        – Give ’em Hell.

        I know I would.

          1. Shayna

            I’ve been mistaken for Australain/Danish/Canadian/Icelandic with my accent. Truth is, it’s Irish.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            I imagine as a tall woman version of Boris Becker, with a tendency to say “och look” a lot

  2. bad@memes

    I once shared a house with two Australians.
    The week after we moved in it was five Australians, an American and Me.
    The straw that broke the kangaroo’s back was when they brought in the weirdest Irish bloke I ever met in my life. I was still paying a third of the rent and chasing them for the remainder every week
    I’m not shy. I let them know what I was feeling, when I could find them.

    One day I came home from work and they were all gone.
    I paid the outstanding rent and fuel bills, and for the burnt carpet.
    I put it down to experience. Not all Aussies are from Melbourne.

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Fair play to you Shayna
    my last night in the big smoke so I’ll be out tearing it up !
    Best of luck

  4. Shayna

    @ Brother – what? Where did Boris Becker enter the equation? Yes, I’m tall but Jeez, is 6 feet 2″ so tall for a woman?

      1. Frilly Keane

        I’ll have ta tune in now

        Here Shayna
        Will you be doing a Mickie Harte Innovation at the top of the show
        Tis only fitting ya do like

  5. f_lawless

    Speaking of conspiracy fact, can we please now put to bed the idea that Clinton didn’t hijack the Democratic Party in order to get nominated as there seems to be some deluded commenters on here that still continue to believe in the virtue of Mrs Clinton. :P
    In breaking news, now even Donna Brazile, the current DNC chairperson, is saying Clinton did so. “If there is a single person in America who cannot be accused of having an irrational anti-Hillary bias, or being a conspiratorial ‘Bernie Bro,’ it is Brazile, whose devotion to serving Clinton above all literally cost Brazile her job (with CNN).”
    After an investigation which apparently broke her heart made her cry, Brazile concluded that “DNC was laundering money and funneling it to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, long before Clinton received the party’s nomination, and the party had been entirely controlled by Clinton since before she even declared her candidacy”.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Oh…seems Bodger didn’t like that.

          Just to clarify – that wasn’t an outing exercise. I know for absolute fact – horse’s mouth – that these individuals want it out there. Series of meetings with PFA last year and this year. It’s the clubs (especially Man Utd) that won’t allow it. It’s a big pity – would do a lot of good in the game and beyond. It will happen though… hopefully sooner than later.

          And BS – it’s a worthwhile conversation, not something to be censored.

          1. Mary Lambe

            Broadsheet censored me today because I didn’t like their ghastly rabbit man post yet a post which basically claimed that I was asking to be violently sexually assaulted remained on the site
            Go figure brother

          2. bad@memes

            I’m halfway through writing a book called ‘Moderation, The Ins & Outs’.
            I have the ‘Ins’ part finished, but I’m a bit stuck on the part about the ‘Outs’.

      1. Steve

        Jaysis bodger you’re worse than trumps latest tweets.

        Trump, Sessions, Manafort, Wikileaks, broadsheet – all stooges of the FSB

        1. jusayinlike

          Yea but you ardently support labour Steve so you’re not really in a position to judge anyone on their beliefs, you voted for Joan Burton ffs..

  6. Shayna

    I turns out my power snooze developed into a deep sleep. Sorry “The Preposterous One”, and everyone, but to be fair, I’d have been more Oliver Reed on it, than the charming David Niven. Maybe a little Liz Taylorish? Anyhoos, apologies.

    1. bad@memes

      You let us down Shayna.
      There was only ONE sweary word in the whole episode.
      You promised us sweary words.

      You’ll have to do double the amount of swearing next time.

  7. Shayna

    It appears I can no longer party like it’s 1999. Staying awake is a struggle, Jeez. I got my hair done, and all. I think Bodger might be doing his fair share of swearing at me – sorry, again.

  8. Naoml

    @ Shayna Don’t worry about it, it’s easily done ;-) If you do go on, I hope you’re very thick skinned as Johnny got a good bit of flack from certain commenters for no reason at all. It takes alot of guts, so don’t be pressured into it x

    1. Shayna

      It was honestly a power snooze, I woke @11.30pm, I texted John “Preposterous” Ryan to inform him that my nap may have developed somewhat. I know what Johnny went through. People can be unkind. My skin is thick enough, believe me Naoml – I wasn’t pressured at all. My not turning up will lead to a public inquiry, after which I’ll be hanged, drawn and quartered, my decapitated head will be displayed on a pike outside Dublin Castle. Not really, – a simple thing of I can’t be awake when I need to be, is all.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Well there was a lad in the Chat Pit insisting he was your husband
            told us all sorts a stuff about ya

            and someone else came on and was expecting ya to burst in through a screen or sum’ting when the GAA talk started

            so there definitely was a turnout for ya Shayna

  9. Brother Barnabas

    That was a great one – really interesting (in a maddening way). Missed Johnny though – always has his own angle on things, always interesting.

    1. rotide

      I got as far as the bit where the podcast guy suggest that just accusing people in public of crimes and making them prove their innocence was the best way to go. When no one challenged this piece of idiocy, i came to my senses and watched some actual factual television.

      1. Steve

        Pretty bad – they got 7 seats.

        It was a genuine question, I didn’t know until I watched some of the show and they talked about it, so I know now.

        On another note. enjoyed bits of the show. heard the main guy(prop Ryan?? I think) saying he doesn’t trust any media these days. Felt sorry for the bloke. Kind of a hyper – paranoid way to live

          1. SDaedalus


            At this stage, saying the media is not trustworthy is like saying you wouldn’t want to turn your back to Michael Colgan when he was in smacking mood. Almost too obvious to state.

            Probably every one of these women feared accusations of paranoia if she told her story, too. And rightly so. However the cumulative effect was undeniable. As is the cumulative effect of all the stories over the past few years which Broadsheet has featured but the Irish media has not covered (or belatedly covered, in one famous case).

            People are not stupid, they know that the media is not always reliable, and they also don’t find it as difficult to identify a comment with a personal angle to it as the commenter might think.

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