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  1. bad@memes

    Good morning Irish Examiner.
    What are you on about with your ‘Church Keeps Sex Abuse Redress Property’ headline?

    – It’s not a proper sentence, is it?

    Wait a moment… did I just inadvertantly underline it?
    (I’m not from Cork. I speak English. It doesn’t matter.)

  2. Malta

    Would ya look at that, The Express and The Daily Star ignoring the guidelines on reporting a suicide

      1. Joe Small

        Maybe an overdue reminder that people are entitled to due process and a whispering campaign on social media is not the best place to solve a difficult social problem or a serious criminal complaint.

    1. Jake38

      She’s just glorifying the revolution that resulted in a totalitarian state that murdered and starved millions. What could be the problem with that?

    2. Clamped Outside!

      No, no…. she and her comrades are the real victims…

      Her response to another tweeter…. “Michelle, you know it was people in my political tradition that were victims of the Civil War and Stalinism. Google Trotskyism.”


    3. Cian

      Her dates are wrong.
      The Russians hadn’t changed to the Gregorian calendar so the “November Revolution” actually happened 100 years before the 26th October.

  3. Increasing_Displacement

    The L plate thing is beyond ridiculous

    You go on a weekend away and leave the car keys at home.
    The L plater takes your car out without permission
    You go to jail.

    Joke nanny state garbage

        1. Nigel

          Lock them in a safe to secure them from the learner driver in your house that clearly cannot be trusted not to steal your car.

          1. Increasing_Displacement

            Hypothetically if my children were old enough to drive and I hypothetically had a safe I’d do that if this ridiculous law came to pass.

            But none of this is the case.

    1. Catherinecostelloe

      Not at all. Go away for the weekend and leave your youngster with a loaded shotgun so. Its safer than letting him get behind the wheel of a car. If you drum that lesson into youngsters you could save his life.

        1. Catherinecostelloe

          Between 2000- 2007 three thousand and ten people were killed in car accidents.
          Between 2008-2016 one thousand , eight hundred and sixteen people were killed . RSA set up in 2006 specifically to improve road safety and reduce the number of fatal accidents and the reduction of fatal accidents is to be welcomed. Males are 4 times more likely to die than females. I am only aware of one death by shotgun in an accident in past 16 years.

    2. Twunt

      Any prosecution would be challenged, and I imagine a judge would not be inclined to prosecute and adult for the actions of another adult.

      1. Catherinecostelloe

        The Road Traffic Act 1972 in UK was easy enough to follow. If a driver on L plates, unaccompanied , provisional licence drove parents car and was stopped , he would be prosecuted for driving unaccompanied and no insurance. 99% of cases would be 6 months disqualification. Insurance would clamp down on the policy , because parents had agreed on terms / conditions ie provisional licence holder had to be accompanied by full licence holder at all times until driving test passed. Parents seemed more than happy with these regulations.

        1. Twunt

          A far more sensible proposal, it still punishes car owner for something they didn’t do, but is unlikely to be successfully challenged in court

    3. GoddessDurga

      Perhaps the solution is for the car to be confiscated. The owner can then sue the L driver for the price of replacement.

  4. Clamped Outside!

    Now imagine the outrage if a female politician killed herself over allegations made… that were NOT disclosed to her….

    End the witch hunts.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    Due process is a right.

    1. LW

      I think you need a hashtag Clampers, streamline your output, save you some time. Maybe #WhatAboutWomenThough ?

  5. curmudgeon

    With all the hullaballoo over corporate tax scandals and Garda corruption, public sector strikes etc. it’s good that the government aren’t buying into the tabloids agenda & are really clamping down on the true scourge of society – the L-driver’s.

  6. Frilly Keane

    Joe O’Brien
    what a result
    he’s only 24 I think

    I know he only stopped riding himself only a few months ago

    Jesus it really is all about pedigree with the horsie crowd int’it?

    Congratulations btw Joe

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