A Fair For Dublin Cats?


Dublin’s first ever cat fair will be taking place at Wynn’s Hotel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1 on November 19 from 10am.


Alice Chau writes:

You will be able to see the latest advancements in cat security, feeding, care and entertainment; and attend lectures from industry experts like cat vet Aoife Caulfield (Just Cats Vet Clinic), cat behaviourist Alice Chau-Ginguene (Maow Care) and Irish catnip farmer Aideen Day (Fred’s Catnip Farm).

You can also hang out and chat with fellow cat lovers at our cat chat cafe.

Tickets costs 10 Euro for adult, 5 Euro for child, 20 for family and grant entry for the full day. FREE entry for children under 3.


…before the event why not submit an entry to this year’s “Real Lads Love Cats” calendar, with the final product available on the day.


Dublin Cat Fair

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8 thoughts on “A Fair For Dublin Cats?

  1. martco

    am I the only one getting “there was a problem trying to post the comment, please try again in a second” on iOS app?

    1. Bodger

      Martco, sorry. Stuart, our tech guy, is currently migrating the site on to a new server. Once that is done all will be well. Finally.

  2. Joe Small

    ” *** There will be NO CAT at the event. Due to health and safety regulation, cats will not be allowed into this event. Thank you! ***”

    What’s the point then?

    1. Increasing_Displacement

      There will be NO CAT at the event. Due to health and safety regulation

      Says enough
      Horrible horrible things

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