Over 4,000 Facebook users in the Boston area have RSVP’d to attend the event they’re calling “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election.” Another 33,000 have expressed interest in attending the event at the 383-year-old Boston Common

Anguished Liberals Plan to ‘Scream Helplessly at the Sky’ on Anniversary of Trump Election (Pjmedia)

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27 thoughts on “A Year On

  1. Charger Salmons

    American economy on the up.Unemployment down.Wall Street at record highs.
    Don’t believe everything you read or see in the overwhelmingly myopic liberal media.

    1. rotide

      You don’t think that maybe, just maybe, economies are effected by things on a grander scale than 365 days?

      1. Charger Salmons

        Oh,there’s all sorts of reasons for the USA’s economic growth but the confidence of Wall Street is almost directly down to their view of Trump’s relationship with big business,wealth creation and jobs.
        And it’s the economy more than anything else that will power Trump to a 2nd term.
        The Democrats will be hoping for some Russian smoking gun but the chances of that happening are nada.
        In flyover country they love that Trump is sticking it to the liberal establishment and media.
        Meanwhile,Clinton’s luvvie backers in Hollywood are too busy covering up their own shenanigans to give much of a toss any more.

  2. Charger Salmons

    And Trump will win a second term,especially if Hillary ” Nothing was my fault ” Clinton runs again.
    Groundhog Day car crash.

    1. bad@memes

      Slow down Charger…
      Posting ridiculous, idiotic comments on Broadsheet that make absolutely no sense was MY idea.
      – Find your own site to desecrate. I was here first, and NO, I don’t need any helpers.

  3. bisted

    …reminds me of the Ballyhea Says No campaign…should generate similarly inordinate publicity and provide a political platform for some chancer with a sense of entitlement to run against Trump…

  4. snowey

    all hail trump.
    I think he is fantastic.

    look forward to the crying and wailing…
    here is to 2 terms.

    1. Nigel

      Isn’t Trump famous for his genius business model of not paying his vendors and contractors?

      I do think he could have slipped in ‘parsnip pounding’ along with the rest, though.

  5. Charger Salmons

    I love the irony of keyboard warriors sitting there in their soiled underpants and tinfoil hats calling the billionaire POTUS a loser and stupid.
    The footage of their fellow pecksniffian prodnoses screaming at the sky in anger promises to be Lolz Gold.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I didn’t attack the victim – merely pointed out that there’s often no smoke without fire in these cases.
        And an awful lot of texts being answered.

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