Circus Trá Lí


Free this weekend?

Go join the circus.

Oliver Brady writes:

We’re hosting the National Circus Festival in Tralee [County Kerry] this weekend, starting on Thursday until Sunday night.

It is the national showcase for contemporary circus and features a different line up each year of top national and international circus performers,

It’s an event founded out of the love of street art, weird, crazy, amazing stuff and of course craic, run by volunteers on a shoestring budget. Tickets at link below.

Circus Festival

6 thoughts on “Circus Trá Lí

  1. (I'm a great barrel of laughs altogether.)

    Ah Jaypers, they’re showing Harold Lloyd’s ‘Safety Last.’ That’s my Thursday night sorted.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I saw a Harold Lloyd exhibition in Perth, Australia, of all places. Brilliant.

      1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

        Poop. Martin Hayes is playing Listowel. And God’s Own Country is showing in Listowel as well.
        All at the same time. What to do.
        I might have to go with Martin Hayes. He’s live, I can see the others at some stage.

        (If you’ve read this far, fair play to ye.
        That’s me up above btw.)

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