39 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          When dismembering corpses (or changing nappies) I have found that smearing a dollop of Vick vaporub on the upper lip is helpful.

  1. Catherinecostelloe

    What was to stop the woman applicant for a job with John Halligan saying ” That question is not permitted Mr Halligan under Work Relation Rules, and I’m surprised you are not aware of that?”. Gods sake , heading off to a solicitor , aren’t people petty and mean spirited.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      What was to stop her ?

      Probably the not unreasonable assumption that challenging the interviewer/prospective boss in that way would mean she almost certainly wouldn’t get the job.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        And there you have it, Bro, the reason why (despite the fears of Clampers and hundreds of thousands of others) de wimmin will never dominate. Absolutely no solidarity amongst them. Been reading some tweets from some bimbo involved in ‘morkeshing’. Over about eight tweets she just kept parrotting “PC gone mad”. The Daily Heil and “Social influencers” are their Gods. Mankind can breathe a sigh of relief ;-)

        1. Clampers Outside!

          No fear here Sheikh.

          My beef is with modern regressive feminism, not women.
          Feminism is by no way a catch all for women.
          Please don’t be so foolish as to think it does nor to suggest I do think it.


          1. gorugeen

            Jeepers. Someone should sack the Carpenters that put the hoarding up. Either that or that topless lass was Jessica Jones. Seriously though. If men did the same to women it’d be headline news the world over. Scumbags pure and simple and stress the simple part.

          2. Frilly Keane

            I barely made it to the 4th minute
            that’s vile

            it just proves that thuggery doesn’t distinguish between genders
            nor does uglyness

            Christ, yer ‘wan still had the bottle in her hand as she ripped away that hoarding

          3. Reach For The Stars

            Bottle? They were all speaking foreign so I just scrolled straight to the part with the breasticles.

          4. Gabby

            @ Harry Wow, such unladylike behaviour! Don’t cry for me Argentina. Somehow a traditional matchmaking festival in Clare would be a much calmer and dignified scene compared to what is shown in this video.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    All the same, between this thread and the previous one the Odyssy is in the halfpenny place beside the ‘adventures of Clampers ‘ ;-D

  3. martco

    so let’s see…

    an incompetent peacock of a Taoiseach who doesn’t know how much a house costs in the midst of a housing crisis

    reports of a 1st generation of our children being BORN into homelessness

    Rotten Gardai

    Rail dispute

    Panama papers revelations left and right

    Brexit car crash in motion

    etc etc

    …and all we see in the papers today is some mickeymouse spat over Halligan and his interview techniques?

    top class journalism!

      1. Martco

        @Cian I suppose it depends on how you look at the level of importance a scenario has on our lives and whether you have editorial control over what goes on a lead page and the point size of the headline etc.
        so imho:
        yesterday Varadker makes an absolute tit of himself over a #1 subjectmatter, Tony O’Reilly shows up in the Paradise papers, children being born into poverty and homelessness (not falling into it, born into it) takes precedence in terms of impact and newsworthiness over a HR incident that will be long forgotten next week…page 2/3 stuff at best

  4. the bottler

    Notice the upbeat General Secretary of the Public Services Executive Union, Tom Geraghty, the Union’s Deputy General Secretary and the four Assistant General Secretaries are all male! Equality my arse.

  5. Murtles

    “…after they were chatting and laughing in maths class….. she threatened us previously but we continued to talk and have a bit of a laugh…”
    Headline should read “Students Stunned Tables Are Turned On Their Bad Behaviour”.

  6. bisted

    …a bit of a set back for the ‘friends of israel’ group in the UK with one of their prime stooges at the cabinet table forced to resign for committing the ultimate crime…getting caught. Not to worry though, they still have Charlie Flanagan flying the zionist flag at cabinet here…

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