Same Work, Less Pay



Leinster House, Dublin

Protestors (top) seeking pay Justice for Section 39 workers plus (above) Siptu campaign video – Making the difference for Section 39 workers.

The community and voluntary sectors have two two groups of workers.

Section 38 agencies are are funded to provide “a defined level of service on behalf of the HSE” and their staff are included in public service employment numbers.

Section 39 agencies receive grant aid from the HSE to provide services but their employees are not included in the public service roll.

Paddy Cole of Siptu writes:

“Section 39 workers are in our hospices, community hospitals and Rehab facilities. In the intellectual disabilities support sector alone, one in ten workers is employed on a Section 39 contract.

Staff undertake precisely the same work as directly employed HSE staff and must have the same qualifications. The only difference is in the pay packet. It’s time to end this injustice.”

Siptu (Facebook)

12 thoughts on “Same Work, Less Pay

  1. kellma

    A friend of mine (social worker) had direct experience of this. Core pay less and the worst of it was the difference in benefits – no pension, no life insurance, not maternity pay beyond the basic etc. Took her nearly 15 years to get a “proper” civil service position. She worked mad hours and it was (and still is) a very stressful job.

    1. Reach For The Stars


      The public sector so-called ‘unions’ who allow these situations to endure are a self-serving slutty promiscuous disease-ridden biatch rolling over and servicing only their highest paying and big-willied clients

  2. postmanpat

    Another uninspired talking heads video that some job for the boys production team got paid a nice sum out of union members fees to make SIPTU seem like the good guy, the same crowd who are fighting for rail workers,( lots of whom get paid more than nurses and are in their late fifties/ sixties living mortgage free and look nosey cheeked , rummy nosed and well fed ) strike for even more money (to push a button to make train go/stop ).I wonder if SIPTU let their Section 39 members know what their rail worker comrades are getting paid? Section 39 are the members who need to go on strike , but cant because (and this is unions dirty little secret) low paid workers cant afford to strike so SIPTU throw out a video instead to raise awareness that will be ignored my the powers that be and they know it, so too seem like they are fighting for workers rights but really is to justify union fees and stop people asking questions. Those fat rail workers are not shy of a few bob , so can take a few days hit on pay no problem. Basically well off people will moan for more money and have the power to hurt employers. Low paid workers can not.

      1. postmanpat

        What I’m on about is that I don’t trust the unions. I think they don’t care which way things play out as long as they don’t lose members. Also I hate talking head videos .And I’m sure some friends of the board of Siptu made a few quid making it , Its unoriginal and its been done to death. Real people have a face? so what? show something else instead of faces and text “this is their story” & “EQUALITY” give me a break. This video will only make people who don’t make these decisions feel bad for the workers plight. the people who keep the system the way it is are of playing golf in the sun somewhere with the union board mambers who make 200k a year. but muh…union good…because …unions .i guess?, where do I sign up? take my money siptu. or hip #siptuhealth whatever you brand yourself.

        1. Reach For The Stars

          ah ok you should have seen what I wrote about the PS unions

          but Bodger hadn’t the balls to put it up here

          probably his Dad’s a well-paid retired union head

  3. Rob_G

    I think that they should split the difference – give the section 39 workers an increase, and give the section 38 workers a corresponding reduction so that their pay scale and conditions were equalised. I think that this would be an impressive display of solidarity between our HSE agency employees.

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