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Fergal Edward – Barriers

Dublin singer songwriter Fergal writes:

Having recorded my EP at the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t sure how to release it. I was stuck, basically paralyzed by a fear of putting all my work out into the online abyss.

Then late one night at a festival, luckily with my camera by my side, I spotted a luminescent butterfly struggling through the long grass, avoiding being trampled on by clumsy festival-goers.

He then takes a lifeline in the form of the hand of one of those revellers, which gives him the chance to gather his wings, and finally fly off to fulfill his airborne potential.

This moment seemed so perfectly matched with my song ‘barriers’, which is about being isolated, lacking the courage to move forward as you know you should, until you realise that sometimes you need another person to help you get where you need to be.


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