29 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. Nigel

      Now you know how much they charge before you go anywhere near the place thanks to this kind person sharing the info.

      1. Zoella

        Exactly. And then we won’t hear any complaints about €3.50 for a lukewarm Americano, self-service and dirty loos. Bewleys is a treat. If you just want fuel, go to McDonalds.

    1. Robert

      Depends on the sausage roll in fairness. There’s some fancy, and quite meaty variants going around. Pricey nevertheless but you can pick up a plate of tasty vegan food in Govinda’s for €6.50 if you want good value.

      1. Paps

        Probus wines do an excellent artisan sausage roll for over 5€. The fact is, it may be silly money, but no one is forcing you to buy it. There is also no need to post it online then to seek compassion / make you feel like less of a chump!

  1. joke bloke

    the shutters will come back down. i reckon they’ll get a good christmas out of it, they’ll start to run into trouble by next summer, there’ll be more “save bewleys” lark going on, then a softer christmas, then gone by march/april 2018.

    1. Frilly Keane

      well before all that

      they’ll get a Late Late special for themselves
      a bitta story telling and a bitta ring a ring a rosie carry on

      and Joe ‘ll probably shift his Christmas Eve perch from the Bailey
      and might even do a Funny Friday from there

      tis all good

      the things they do for their Friends

  2. digs

    It will be a mecca for tourists. Dublin is one of the few euro cities were “locals” don’t seem to get the idea of a tourist pricing structure? Bewleys wasn’t rebooted with Anita in mind.

  3. Ruth

    Bewley’s looks great and all but as it looks the very same as before what did they spend €12 million and several years doing??

    1. Robert

      Believe it or not, it’s keeping it looking the same that probably cost all the money. Its antique finishings and furnishings would need specialist craftsmen €€€€€. Lashing up timber frame and load of concrete panels just wouldn’t be the same ….

  4. H

    Having glanced over both menus, Anita seems to have chosen the most overpriced item from either of them, which makes me wonder if this was done with the sole aim of being outraged online by the price

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