Phoenix Park, Dublin

Siobhan Grogan writes:

Dublin Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of a southern white rhinoceros calf. The male calf, yet to be named, was born to proud mother Nyala and father Chaka on Sunday, 12th November and weighs approximately 50kgs.

The youngster is Nyala’s first calf and the birth marks another significant success for Dublin Zoo as part of the European Endangered Species Programme, established to assist the survival of the southern white rhinoceros.

Name that calf, anyone?

Dublin Zoo

Pic: Patrick Bolger

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11 thoughts on “Chaka Clan

  1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Name of big rhino should be Butch.
    Name of baby rhino should be Jeckles.
    Butch and Jeckles.

  2. dav

    Surprised the government haven’t demanded the name be “Homelessness is Normal” as part of their drive to deny that their homelessness crisis exists.

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