Live And Let Jig


Michael Flatley (left) with director of photography, Luke Palmer in Barbados

Michael Flatley is funding, directing and starring in his first feature-length film, a new spy thriller.

The Chicago-born performer, who will play a former spy, is currently filming in Barbados. He was seen there on his yacht with actor Eric Roberts, who is playing the bad guy in the as yet unnamed film.

*drops martini*

Irish dance hero Michael Flatley filming self-financed movie in Barbados (Irish Central)

Carlos the Strange writes:

Flatley… Spy Movie…So many headline possibilities for this post. I still prefer Sean-nós Connery…


Pic: Michael Flatley (Instagram)

25 thoughts on “Live And Let Jig

    1. ivan

      from Wikipedia

      “The role of Kathy was offered to Gwyneth Paltrow. Her father Bruce Paltrow forbade her from accepting it, because he thought it could hurt her career.”

      Everyday’s a schoolday. Also, Bruce P knows his shizzle…

  1. Murtles

    * * * Script Leak * * *
    (Bad guy pointing gun at Mickey Flatley hiding behind boxes)
    BG : I know you were a spy so come on out, the jig is up
    MF : Is that so? (Pulls out pair of Size 10 tap shoes from inside pocket)

    1. scottser

      ***script leak***
      (flatley’s former boss gives him a dressing down in his office)
      boss: hand over your badge and gun mick, it’s time to reel you in
      MF: is that so? (pulls out pair of size 10 tap shoes from inside pocket)

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