‘Freshman’ Students to Become Gender-Neutral ‘Fresh’ (University Times)

Athena Swan Charter?

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54 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. Nigel

    There is so much bigger issues in the world than having a nice warm scone with butter, jam and cream with your coffee, but that’s not a reason not to have one every now and then, is it?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I wouldn’t want Nigel to think I’m flirting with him, but can I just say – he’s all that and more.

          1. Nigel

            We dally in a vast luminous landscape of the mind. Only a mad artist of twisted panoramas from the 17th century would do us justice.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            I don’t want to be vulgar, but, to be honest, Nigel, the images I’ve created in my mind shame, sully and disgrace me.

        1. rotide

          Have to say, I always imagined Nigel as the chisellled strong jawed type just ready to sweep us all off our feet :)

          1. Nigel

            The men on this site don’t have time for cis normative heterosexual social constructs of sexual attraction.

    1. Pip

      Correct, David.
      We had Fresher way back in Trinners in the 70s – nothing new under the sun, eh?
      (I know, Clash at the Exam Hall and all that – Punk’s GPO)

        1. Pip

          Bertie, like the hordes who claimed to have flown a Spitfire in the Battle of Britain, I wasn’t actually AT the gig. I did peer in for quite a while towards the end. Like looking into a furnace.

    2. f_lawless

      but isn’t “fresher” too masculine? surely there should also be “freshette”..but then what about those inbetween? best go with “freshperson/ freshpeople”..but maybe in the future that’ll become discriminatory what with the rise of AI and all..”fresh-entity” is the only way forward.

  2. halfahead

    A young person of the female gender was the possessor of a small immature ruminant of the species genus Ovis, whose outermost covering reflected all wavelengths of visible light with a luminosity equal to that of a mass of naturally occurring microscopically crystalline water. Regardless of the translational path chosen by the aforesaid young person, there was a 100% probability that the aforementioned ruminant would select the same pathway.

  3. On The Buses

    Maybe Trinity should change the ingrained culture of Trinity students believing that a degree from Trinity is equivalent to a Masters Degree from any other institution. Those gender neutral humans are really up their own hole.

  4. Demos

    I hate to say this but “Fresh” was claimed as an expression by the American military in the 1960’s, a short form of “Fresh meat for the grinder”. Used to describe a trained soldier who had not seen combat or been deployed yet.

    I believe it is possibly used in Catch 22 and MASH.

    When I was a skinny little first year in Dublin many years ago, we were always referred to as Freshers (of in my case “Hey Fugly !”).

  5. Eoin

    More 1984 style neo liberal nonsense. Reminds me of O’Brien in 1984. ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’ No numeric answer is correct. ‘How many do you want me to say?’ is the correct answer. There are two genders. Anyone who says differently is mentally ill.

    1. Nigel

      ‘How many genders am I holding up?’
      ‘None. You’re conflating math with social/biological identifiers.’

    1. Boj

      Kids are the offspring of the domestic goat. I am absolutely horrified that you would verbally and mentally abuse your children in such a violent and aggressive manner. I will be reporting you to the authorities for immediate castration and labotomisation. Don’t even get me started on you bringing Jesus into it…

  6. Bort

    I did a module in Gender studies at NCAD, I was the only heterosexual male in the class. I was constantly asked for the male opinion, usually while getting full daggers and my answers resulting in much tutting. It was a thinly veiled, man hating workshop, how did I know that? One essay topic was : The problem with the white heterosexual male. FYI Taking the Gender Studies module at Art College to meet babes = fail!

    Fun times!

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