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Via University Times:

Next, novices are told to assemble in Botany Bay. In 2018, novices were militaristically lined up in the pouring rain, where they downed alcohol while more senior members of the club paced in front of them, bellowing in their faces and rattling the fences of the tennis courts with the canes and bamboo sticks.

This episode was witnessed by a resident of Botany Bay and a reporter from The University Times.

To demonstrate that they had finished their drink, the novices were told to place their can, upside-down, on their heads.

Botany Bay is also where the whipping with bamboo sticks often begins, according to several of the accounts. On multiple occasions, it has also been the starting point for a sprint, which sees novices – some told to strip to their underwear – run around Dublin city centre until they are told to stop and consume cans of beer.

The last person to finish their can of beer is told to drop and do press-ups.

According to one account, the whipping on the run was so severe in one year that it resulted in lasting bruises and welts.



Whipping, Secrecy and Coercion: Inside Boat Club’s Hazing Culture (Edmund Heaphy and Cormac Watson, University Times)

Pic via Dublin University Boat Club

Thanks Joseph Mulligan


O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (centre) flanked by Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe (left) and Minister for Transport Shane Ross at the New Broombridge Luas Tram – Cross City Station as Luas Cross city brought the Green line and the red line together for the first time.

You see?

He’ s a real man of the peo…


Trinity College Undergraduate Scarf (Trinity College)


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Trinity College R Within_Trinity_College_457_1024x1024(1)

Trinity College Dublin by Jim Scully (top) and Chris McMorrow (above)

Charmaine Kenny at the irish Workshop [online home for Irish made crafts and whanot] writes:

Over the past few weeks, thousands of third-level students sat what might just have been the last exam of their lives. As a memento of their college days, we see parents, family, girlfriends and boyfriends buying a painting of their university.

Two artists on The Irish Workshop have captured Trinity College beautifully and sell limited edition prints. Here is a sample of Chris McMorrow’s work: And here is a sample of Jim Scully‘s work. And yes, we need to work harder in signing up artists who paint the other universities


The Irish Workshop

Irish made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stuff’


‘Democracy’ calls.

This afternoon.

Dublin 2.

Sam writes:

Trinity Graduate and seanad candidate Averil Power, has a message for those who are eligible to vote in the upcoming Trinity Seanad Election…

Up to 10,000 voter cards that were delivered by registered post were returned to sender, as recipients were away from home.

Those who wish to take part in the election must make contact with Trinity College and get their card sent again.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


At Trinity College Dublin.

A fleece-clad geography lecturer revolts.

Bob Kavanagh writes:

College Board member and senior academic Peter Coxon in Trinity urges students to take action against the College for what he calls “incredible erosion of our ability to teach whole sections of a geography degree without the discipline being given any indication of future staffing”. Issue in Geography Dept mirrors issues across college, with modules and staff being cut everywhere…

Powerful sediment.


Senior Academic Urges Students to Take Action Against College, with Staffing and Modules Cut Across the Board (Edmund Heaphy, University Times)

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992643-maryam-namazieMaryam Namazie

Human rights activist and secularist Maryam Namazie was due to give a speech about the ‘rise of Islam’ at the Society for International Affairs at Trinity College Dublin today.

Ms Namazie has pulled out after she claimed conditions were imposed by organisers following advice from ‘college security’.

On her blog Ms Namazie writes:

I wrote a blog post earlier about my refusal to abide by conditions imposed by Trinity College Dublin for my speech on Apostasy and the Rise of Islamism which I am to give this Monday.

Aoife, the chair of the society which had invited me is contesting my version of things so I find it necessary (also for transparency’s sake) to post all correspondence below.

There is not much since Aoife only contacted me last night after things came to a head. Another student organiser has been in touch with me the whole time and been arranging my visit. If there is any miscommunication, it seems to have been promulgated by Aoife to “manage” the situation in the same way that they were hoping to manage me.

Even if it was Aoife who suggested a moderator, it has come about as a result of “pressure”. Also security concerns of my antagonising the “Muslim students” and being “one-sided” which were raised with student organiser have nothing to do with student security no matter how many times Aoife says it does. [email correspondence at link below]

Aoife is trying to manage a bad situation by blaming it on miscommunication but you know what folks, I was not born yesterday.

Trinity College: I was Not Born Yesterday (Maryam Namazie)

Activist claims Trinity speech on apostasy and Islam cancelled (Aine McMahon, Irish Times)

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