At 7pm.

At the Projects Arts Centre in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Waking The Media – a forum where women’s experiences in the Irish media industry will be discussed.

Writer, director, performer and activist Grace Dyas  will be speaking at the event.

Via its Facebook page:

Right now, we’re witnessing a transformative moment regarding women’s negative experiences in the workplace, particularly in the areas of film, television, theatre, and elsewhere.

Assault, harassment, abuse, bullying, and generally unacceptable behaviour towards women is being called out, as well as the structural misogyny and sexism in industries that inevitably make people’s working lives more difficult than they should be.

Waking The Media is an open forum for women who work in the media industry to talk about their experiences, and to begin to discuss ideas and strategies for improving the working lives and representation of women in our industry.

On the night, we’ll hear from women who have spearheaded changes in their industries such as Lian Bell, who kickstarted the #WakingTheFeminists movement. We’ll also talk about our own experiences and ideas, and most importantly, listen to others.

This event is open to those who work in any facet of the media. All are welcome!

The event is free but seats are limited.

Those wishing to attend are asked to register by emailing

Waking The Media (Facebook)

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