They’ve Made A List


Poorly nippers at Temple Street Children’s Hospital explain the magic of Christmas.

Toys and STUFF, mainly.

Celine Nic Oireachtaigh writes:

Christmas has arrived in Temple Street – the trees are going up, the decorations are being hung and our little patients are counting down the days until Santa’s arrival. And to celebrate this magical time, we took to the wards to quiz the kids about what Christmas means to them and to find out how much they really know about Santa…


Temple Street Children’s Hospital

3 thoughts on “They’ve Made A List

  1. dav

    Gold star service in dilapidated buildings, nothing but respect and admiration to the staff that work there

  2. Boj

    I’ve had the unfortunate privilege of attending there a good few times and to echo dav above, the staff are seriously great. The ‘system’ is a bit higgle-dy-piggle-dy and common sense occasionally doesn’t prevail, but without those trooper staff members there, it would be a hell of a lot worse. I shall be donating this Christmas cos they really need it!

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