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Sarah Burmanje (left) – Brand Manager, Lindt Ireland and John Doyle, Head of Portering Services and Ambassador, Temple Street Children’s Hospital

This morning.

Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin.

Lia Stokes writes:

Continuing an annual tradition, the team at Lindt Ireland dedicated their Easter to raising funds for the Children’s Health Foundation, despite the challenges presented by Covid 19.

Lindt Ireland donated €40k worth of limited-edition Lindt GOLD BUNNY Hunt Packs to the Foundation with 100% of proceeds from each sale going directly to the charity.

A number of Hunt Packs were gifted to frontline workers in Dublin’s children’s hospitals, as well as to children and families in the hospitals. This year, the initiative by Lindt Ireland has raised over €20,000 to date.


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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Poorly nippers at Temple Street Children’s Hospital explain the magic of Christmas.

Toys and STUFF, mainly.

Celine Nic Oireachtaigh writes:

Christmas has arrived in Temple Street – the trees are going up, the decorations are being hung and our little patients are counting down the days until Santa’s arrival. And to celebrate this magical time, we took to the wards to quiz the kids about what Christmas means to them and to find out how much they really know about Santa…


Temple Street Children’s Hospital


St Clare’s unit, Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin

Medium Sized c writes:

I was asked to share this around but given my limited social media footprint, I figured it might be better going to you guys

This is an an Irish Times story from earlier this month featuring an interview with a psychologist from Saint Clare’s unit in Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

That is a unit to provide expert interviewing services to form opinions on the veracity of claims of sexual abuse of children. They also provide therapy services to help children and families “pick up the pieces” as it were.

The article concerns an increasing trend of solicitors and barristers to try to obtain therapy notes from the service.

That is not reports and professional opinions but the notes taken in the process of therapy to help people recover from the trauma of sexual abuse.

You will understand that this is bad. If you have ever gone through the process of therapy you will understand that THIS IS VERY BAD AND DISTINCTIVELY NOT COOL.

People’s private thoughts shared in confidentiality are not evidence at the best of times, but in our ghoulish adversarial justice system where any and every little detail is turned over.

All of which is further complicated by the fact that we are taking about rape & sexual abuse here. Which means notes describing the victims feelings on an immensely traumatic event in their lives are made available to the DPP and by extension, the defence. Which sort of means the accused too.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by someone known to the family and know horror. It’s easy to miss, and I’m not sure what would be achieved by sharing, but it might raise some awareness in some way…

Pic: Temple Street Children’s Hospital