Fill The Decks With Songs Of Hally


Hally – Dreamers Novel (song number 42)

As you may know, Naas-based songsmith Hally is hoping to become first Irish Musician to release 52 songs in 52 weeks.

Cecilia Saviotti writes:

Hally, gave himself an insanely ambitious project. At the beginning of 2017 he set himself the challenge of releasing 52 songs,one song per week, to be completed by the end of the year.

The project is called “Peeling Onions” and not only is he producing one song per week (writing, recording, mixing and mastering all of them by himself) he is also creating a custom made video for each track.

There are only 4 weeks to go and 9 songs left … will he make it?

Hally is hoping to go live on Facebook to present his final piece of work, on Sunday December 31, 2017.

The 2017 video playlist (so far)

Hally (Facebook)

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20 thoughts on “Fill The Decks With Songs Of Hally

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Brother Barnabas is one of the most good natured, open minded and funny commenters on Broadsheet, you’re well off the mark there imo.

      2. Brother Barnabas

        maybe you’re right – I laughed when I read your comment, which might mean I’m an utter silly. ah well, I’m still amused.

    1. Shayna

      I kinda like it. Good luck to him. The Naas thing, reminds me of, “Bridget and Eamonn” – Bridget dreams of going shopping in Naas.

      1. Birdie

        Well for ages there was a sign as you entered Naas saying, “Naas, a nice place to shop.”

        Also what other town in Ireland can claim a big ball with a time capsule in it at their town entrance?

        You’ve a lovely voice Hally, good luck with your songwriting goal!

        1. Shayna

          Yes, of course, the big Ball of wire, and also the meat factory. I’ve a mock croc hand-bag with Kildare Silverware fastenings. Somehow I think of the cows – maybe, that’s just me?

          1. Birdie

            What cows Shayna?

            And of course there is the intoxicating fumes of Madra dog foods upon arrival… it always makes me bark.

    1. Shayna

      Ah Jeez, you know Birdie, it’s okay, people forget about the cow. It’s a “taken for granted” thing in Ireland. How many cows have you seen of late? The EU quota on dairy farmers pretty much helps the farmers to make a loss of 2p (Sterling) per pint.
      The only thing, pretty much that helps farmers stay in business is the grant from the EU, it arrives every year, “The Single Farm Subsidy” cheque. It’s a make, or break thing.
      :Farmers in The North, clearly didn’t vote Brexit. (I grew up in the country, not necessarily a farm, although we had a donkey, and some cows, some chickens also some birds that occasionally we had to shoot).

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