‘This Is Yet Another Delaying Tactic’


From the third interim report from the Mother and Baby Homes Commission


The Mother and Baby Homes Commission, which was set up in February 2015, published its third interim report.

It states:

The Commission is continuing to make inquiries about burials and burial records but it appears that this is an area in which it will be difficult to establish the facts.

It also says it has requested an extension of a year to carry out its work, which means its final report will not be published until February 2019, as opposed to the scheduled date of February 2018.

The four-page report can be read here

Further to this…

Paul Redmond, chairperson of Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors, said:

This is yet another delaying tactic by the Government to deny survivors truth and justice. The current inquiry is already too limited and excludes many survivors and this delay will now enure that thousands more survivors are denied justice by death.”

Clodagh Malone, of Beyond Adoption Ireland, said:

“This is utterly shameful. Our community are heartbroken and devastated. Tears are flowing.”

Derek Leinster, of the Bethany Home Survivors’ Group, said:

Living survivors must always take priority over inquiries and reports. We need an immediate and final result for the handful of elderly Bethany survivors who are left alive. There are 227 names on the Bethany Memorial in Mount Jerome cemetery and this Government have now added more names of victims to that Memorial by this disgusting delaying tactic.

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13 thoughts on “‘This Is Yet Another Delaying Tactic’

  1. Milton Freidman

    They want immediate results, facts and outcomes, yet offer no solution on how to obtain them. Kinda like the modern need for instant gratification.

    1. RiderOnTheStorm

      Meanwhile, Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone announced her intention to establish a collaborative forum to support former residents in developing solutions to the issues of concern to them. This will run in tandem with the investigation.

      – Irish Examiner

      1. realPolithicks

        i’m guessing that what they actually want is some real recognition of the years of pain, suffering, humiliation and virtual slavery that many of these people endured at the hands of among others, the Irish state.

          1. Andy

            I say that as that’s the case.

            If I were in their shoes I’d probably be looking for same.

            As I’m not in their shoes and as a taxpayer, I’m fairly certain I’ve no interest in paying for the sins of our grandfathers, grandmothers, grandaunts, granduncles etc.

  2. Cian

    Remove the tax-free charity status that the Catholic Church has (and any other churches involved in this) until they produce the relevant records. You’d be amazed how quickly they would move.

      1. phil

        Id nearly say if you have charity status, then thats probably because they public good you do is necessary and recognised , and if thats true , if you are precieved to be acting against the public good by withholding records requested by a state investigation then you should loose you charity status. At the very least , if you receive public money, and I believe a tax break is public money , your records are public …

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