A New Garda Whistleblower


This morning.

Members of senior Garda management are fielding questions in the Oireachtas justice and equality committee in light of the Crowe Horwath report for the Policing Authority on the fake breath tests and issuing of summonses.

Readers will recall how, on Sunday, November 27, 2017, Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace, while speaking about the gardai, told TV3’s The Sunday Show:

Myself and Clare Daly have some new stuff to break very soon that would make the hair stand on your head about stuff that’s happening at present.”

Further to this…

At the justice committee this morning, Mick Wallace said:

Only this week, we met a member of An Garda Siochana, he’s just put in a protected disclosure and he’s out sick for a while due to stress from work.

“And he’s given us incredibly detailed information about things that have been happening, right up unit recently.

“To be honest, we found it hard to believe that such things that he told us about could still be happening. And the way that, when he raised concerns about several issues, how they were dealt with by senior management.

“It was really disheartening for us because you know what, people might think that ‘oh, Daly and Wallace just want to be giving out about things’. But you know what, we won’t be vindicated until we have a police force that everyone will be proud of.

“And we’ve been tackling issues for over five years and if nothing has changed, well, that means, we’re wasting our time and we’ve failed. We want things to be done right.

“But it was really disappointing to look at the information he gave us around this, he’s put in a protected disclosure, we haven’t put it into the public domain yet.

“But, I suppose his basis to it was, not much has changed yet.”

“Now, I still believe, I’m an optimist by nature and I think things will change but sadly not enough has changed. And poor Maurice McCabe…is lucky to still be alive, that he didn’t do away with himself when the pressure was so great at times.

“But it would be very sad for him if nothing changes and very disappointing for him because nobody wanted change in the gardai, and having done his work, than of the people that came forward anyway, than Maurice McCabe.”

Watch the committee live here

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17 thoughts on “A New Garda Whistleblower

  1. Jackdaw

    He didn’t exactly cover himself in glory backing Keith Harrison now did he. A tax dodging, pension pocketing one trick pony.

  2. Cian

    I suppose this is a clear message to An Garda Siochana that they better take this whistleblower seriously or there will be (political) trouble. So that’s nice.

  3. Jim Bob Julius

    Mumble, mumble tax affairs, mumble mumble pink shirt, mumble mumble haircut needed etcetera, etcetera….

    Doesn’t change the fact he has been pretty spot on with most of the stuff he has brought into the public domain.

  4. Andy

    Wallace is an absolute chancer and spoofer on most things but I’m happy enough for him to have multiple runs at the Gards. Harrison is a side show. He has been discredited.

    However, the breath test falsifications were proven and the actual service provided to the public by the Gards is rubbish for the price they’re paid, so more power to him in throwing more muck.

    Unfortunately in this case, he didn’t actually throw any muck. He just talked about mystery muck, scandalous muck, horrifying and disappointing muck, but didn’t actually shovel it up to spread about.

    I may have gotten too involved with the muck.

  5. Noel Byrne

    Maybe if TD Wallace had paid all of the tax he owed, we could indeed have a Garda service to be proud of. Instead we have one starved of resources and leadership. If only someone had blown the whistle on him.

    1. Naoml

      Cheap, inaccurate and pointless comment, Noel. He has lit a fire under the bottoms of the many deceitful and corrupt members of GS and by God does this country need that. I hope every last one of them that has something to hide, is quaking in their boots. Overpaid, egotistical crooks.

  6. Kevin

    Corruption in Donegal cost taxpayers ” nigh on 100M’ln by way of a Tribunal for 8 yrs and huge ‘ payouts compo’ for Innocent people wrongly arrested” – a Snr Gda planted a device in Strabane ” half the town were evacuated in rendering the centre of the town safe – and they promoted him after that ” crime does pay ‘

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