A Streetcar Named Desire


You wait around for ages…

This morning.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

The first cross city Luas.

Stephen Hanlon writes:

Wasn’t this much fuss when Obama and [British] Queen Liz came to town!


This afternoon.

Middle pic from left: Minister for Transport Shane Ross, Taoiseach Leo Vardkar, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe on the first Luas to traverse Dublin city.

Big day out.

Pics Rollingnews and Leo Varadkar


Name that model, anyone?

52 thoughts on “A Streetcar Named Desire

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Please only make posts that are of interest to me. I don’t use the Luas. You don’t have to delete it: just be a bit more thoughtful next time.
    Many thanks in advance.

      1. Nigel

        For the purposes of this one you’re in a bit of a snit, see? Hence… look it’s Saturday, gimme this one.

  2. Dinger

    True story: a Ranelonian (word used in the Irish times recently) told a friend of mine that she was worried about the green line being connected to cabra, broombridge etc. Could bring crime to the area

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Broom Bridge?
      I had to look it up. Never heard of it til right now.
      To be honest, I don’t know where Cabra is either. I’m going to say it’s near Lucan.
      Ok. I’ve looked it up. I’m quite the ignoramus, considering I’ve lived in Dublin for 20 years.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        If you’re standing on Broombridge you can see my Ma’s house in the near distance.
        So now :)

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Not sure, Jayo used to live around the corner though….
            You couldn’t even get close enough to kick him if he played football.

      1. Yep

        “I wasn’t going to commit a crime but sure it’s nearly from my front door to their back garden…How could I say no to that!”

        Yeah, makes total sense.

    2. RepeatTheLeaving

      The reverse situation is far more worrying. Jay Bourke easily commuting to Cabra to setup another “business venture” (sound of balloon popping in background).

  3. realPolithicks

    That’s the first and last time you’ll see that SOC on public transportation….unless there’s some publicity to be had.

  4. Martco

    I realise this has sfa to do with the Luas but can I just say fair fupp to David Moyes today…a good man who didn’t deserve what happened at ManU…hope it works out @ Hammers for him

    1. Yep

      Was too much of a jump that move. Everyone seemed to think so except himself. Always thought highly of him and after a few nightmares might have found the right club.

      1. Martco

        will never understand it myself…. why he took the job tho I remember Ferguson almost forced him to with the tot lauding of him at the time (wonder what HE was playing at there) but from Moyes pov what to do….you’re offered one of the best jobs on the planet…he had to take the chance I suppose….that scenario was nearly history repeating itself with our very own Frank O’Farrell having to follow up Busby. Impossible.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      I’d have him in the same category as Mick McCarthy – decent, salt of the earth sort of fellow, but you’d prefer he wasn’t managing your team.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            I actually don’t mind Chelsea under Conte, particularly now that Costa and Terry have gone

          2. Brother Barnabas

            Was €60 on Arsenal to win the league at 11-1 in August heart over head? Or just imbecilic?

            it’ll take me another few years to get over the distaste of watching that Terry/Cole/Mourinho Chelsea team… all the ugliness, none of the beauty of football.

          3. Martco

            ouch! I’d have taken it off you instead :)
            suppose there’s always a chance tho…look @ Leicester after all…actually…there’s another daecent man shafted

  5. Shayna

    It’s not often I get the opportunity to have a play on words, as gailge, but I’m going to go ahead and quote the idiom, and introduce the interchange of “Tús” to “Luas”. “Tá Luas mhaith, leath an toibre”. Na Gailgeoirí will have a bit of a giggle. (Or not?). Sometimes, it kinda works better in my head.

  6. hugh_mungus

    yaaaaaaay lets cram even more vehicles onto our tiny choked up streets, god forbid we think long term and build an actual underground, it’s not like every single european capital besides ours has one

  7. dav

    Did the Gardaí have to clear the homeless off O’Connell St, in case the sight of them might upset our glorious leader’s eyes…?

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