“What Is A Psychopath?”



Filmmaker Terry McMahon raises and answers a pressing question at the ‘Home For All’ concert, outside Leinster House, Dublin 2 organised by Inner City Helping Homeless.

No swearing.

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57 thoughts on ““What Is A Psychopath?”

    1. Warden of the Snort

      lol Terry is a gas lad altogether though isn’t he

      in other eras he would have been a Bang Bang or Johnny Fortycoats type of character

    1. Warden of the Snort

      yeah-a provocative speech on the homeless issue – but it has to be about you in some way doesn’t it Frilly?

      1. Candy Crush Guru

        Yet you have made “We” about Frilly Keane, and not for the first time have you set out to target that poster.

        It is actually approaching disgusting the way you think this bullying is acceptable. I hope the very man that called Frilly Keane Broadsheet’s Troll Dog thinks about this the next time he takes his wild and uncontrolled ranting to twitter.

        You have a lot in common with that man.

        It is getting very weary and hard to keep witnessing this harassment of a poster who very clearly has no agenda, profile to enhance or podcast to plug.

          1. Candy Crush Guru

            Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, @trickstersworld has deleted their account or had it removed.

            If I knew how to post pictures I would gladly oblige.

            Maybe there are others here who can assist.

          2. Warden of the Snort

            Yeah I knew there was some spat there Candy – in response to your other hysterical post on about this subject on a days-old thread – but I have no idea what it has to do with Frilly Keane or my expressed views on her obsessive mé féining on this site -which I’m allowed to comment on – or am I?

            You don’t see me calling her obnoxious epithets or anything of the sort, my comments are merely at her output on this which (in my opinion) is often bloviated, self-serving and spurious: like I was saying to my other pet shadow on here yesterday, (or maybe it was yourself?) I’m sorry if my occasional posts on here offend you, now go away and annoy someone else ya gobspoo

          3. Mé Féin Keane

            Looking for me Snot?

            I left sum’ting
            Especially for you
            Up on the Twitter

            If yer wondering like

  1. Warden of the Snort

    such negative, reductive and personalised nonsense, a pity as it’s too important an issue to be left to blowhards like this guy

    Terry could potentially be a very strong advocate and he speaks well but he is lazy, he should try to put a bit of shape and discipline on his pronouncements instead of constantly going for the jugular and cheap laughs
    he needs a coach

    a bit like a good few of the trolls on here

  2. Clampers Outside!

    An excerpt…. from about 5.00 to 5.50

    ” It has nothing to do with his sexuality or ethnicity, there’s just something about Leonardo.
    Something, dare we say it, ‘abnormal’,
    Something ‘broken’.
    Something ‘inhuman’
    Same with the sidekick.
    ‘Straight white male’.
    Privileged. Loving wife. Beautiful kids. What more could Simon want?
    Yet, that broken thing is in him too, isn’t it?
    Something inhuman.
    Something that compelled him to declare to thousands of children..
    ‘I am not crazy, I will end homeless families living in hostels’.
    With that smile.
    With that duplicity. ”

    ….this is pure sniveling bullcrap of the highest order… and dragging in a politicians’ wife and kids to make pointed snide remarks about Coveney is pure creep fested scumbaggery.

    Stick it up your hoop Terry !

      1. postmanpat

        Meanwhile murderer Gerry Adams and his round purple Sith apprentice stand with the crowd and nod in agreement.

    1. Mayor Quimby

      Terry’s last few posts are banging on about trolls and then he says this above.

      You wouldn’t see the like of it on 4Chan. Beyond creepy.

    2. realPolithicks

      That’s a bunch of BS Clampers, he’s merely pointing out that these “ordinary” politicians are content to allow thousands of people including several thousand children to rot in B&B’s and hotels and “family hubs” while they wait for their pals in the private market to decide when is a good time to build houses. FFG will not build social housing even though there are hundred’s of thouands of people who would benefit from them, this is an idealogical decision they have made and Terry McMahon is simply calling them out on it.

      1. Go A Way

        The point Clampers made was that Terry could also have chosen to highlight this issue without recourse to sundry irrelevant issues such as their marital status, sexual orientation and number of children they sired.

        1. realPolithicks

          If that’s the case then you’re both missing the point in my opinion. He mentioned varadkars sexuality to make the point that as a member of a minority which is often marginalized by society then he ought to have at least a little empathy for homeless people who are the most marginalized people of all. Similarily with coveney, as a parent with children of his own you would think that he would be determined to help these children get a proper home in which to grow up.

          1. Go A Way

            Yes I got that about Coveney, thought it was a bit ott, but completely missed what you are saying about Varadkar, to me it sounds more like a little boy playing around with words to see can he get away with a quasi homophobic insult, a shame as I think Terry could do better than this

  3. digs

    I liked this youtubers comment!

    “I was part of the group who sat down with Simon Coveney under the notion that we were going to negotiate a deal for our most vulnerable.” The self regard is unbelievable. People don’t have an issue with campaigners. They have an issue with you… you have no humility Terry. Your opening line perfectly illustrates why you rub people up the wrong way. The issue is bigger than you. Every time the camera roles you go into this awful act…. every time you write a spiel you go all cheesy. What’s also really telling here is the fact that he is posting this himself. What is a megalomaniac? He’s the gift that keeps on giving! And his hands… why does he keep making that affected gesture? And the angry bit… didn’t use the words coterie or scum???? And the conspiratorial nonsense… jesus wept.

  4. b

    I saw John Connors on Tv3 last night also peddling the ‘pyschopaths’ line

    make no excuses for this, it’s abusive, self serving and worst of all, totally lacking in any solutions themselves so resorts to name calling and conspiracies

  5. Johnny Keenan

    It’s gone beyond personal Clampers.
    Where Politicians say platitudes McMahon says provocatives.
    That’s the job of the artist. Tell it as it is. The job of the politician is to lie like a psychopath

      1. Johnny Keenan

        No man, I’m a modern realist who is inspired by the profound spoken word of the artist.
        It’s the sound of the underground that comes up for air now and again.
        It’s all good though!

          1. Johnny Keenan

            I was expecting someone to come up with that but didn’t think you would stoop that low Bertie.
            I’m never surprised at the cheap shots here.
            A serious conversation is never likely to be fully acknowledged or respected.
            ‘Shur if we can’t laugh st ourselves who can we laugh at’
            Ah ask me testes!

          2. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Do you really think that’s a cheap shot?
            It was a flippant, lighthearted remark Johnny, I’m surprised that it’s offended your sensibilities.

          3. Johnny Keenan

            It didn’t really Bertie. It’s just another distraction from the real issue. If I am ever to post anything again I’ll try and not make it as easy for the quick quips.
            Anyway, Terry McMahon what a lege.
            ‘Using democracy as a weapon is NORMAL?!
            D’YA HEAR THAT COPS?!’

        1. Lilly

          I hate people whose catchphrase is ‘it’s all good’. (Hate is maybe too strong a word but you know…) It’s a meaningless verbal tic, and the person saying it usually means, it’s all a pile of poo.

          1. Go A Way

            No it’s not too strong a word

            Such tired old cliche is the stock in trade of the virtual invisible bogger-blogger

    1. Rob_G

      “Where Politicians say platitudes McMahon says provocatives.”

      – this is the most platitudinous thing I have come across in a long time.

  6. digs

    A literalist? Don’t worry, I’m not having a pop at poor mental health. I just think he’s limited. Sorry if the word “mad” offended you. But you kind of get what am I sayin’ right?
    He’s like, I dunno…. mad?

  7. Lilly

    What a weird accent, Ballymun meets Beverly Hills. Is he trying to sound like Gabriel Byrne? Can’t listen but he seems obsessed with psychopaths. Charlie Casanova springs to mind. Narcissist looking for promotion?

  8. bobsyerauntie

    Terry’s spoken word might not be to everyone’s taste, however his heart is clearly in the right place, and at least he has the balls to stand up and express his view on the right wing Irish government’s attitude to homeless people. It’s easy to mock, but I doubt very much many of the trolls here on Broadsheet are doing anything close to the amount of work people like Terry are doing to highlight the hypocrisy of the Irish state. Terry is correct to invoke the word psychopath in relation to politicians like Coveney, however I would think Coveney’s behaviour is closer to a sociopath than a psychopath…

  9. MoyestWithExcitement

    Man tries to talk about homelessness, broadsheet commentariat engage in personal abuse. Worse than the journal.

    1. Killian G

      That is EXACTLY what I was just thinking to mysef. I have these thoughts sometimes that I am afraid to articulate for fear of abject ridicule.

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