Our Finest Gifts We Bring


You asked for two hours of premium chat.

We delivered on time!

A festive thank you to, clockwise from top left:Marcel Kreuger, Luke Brennan, ‘Preposterous’, Vanessa Foran, Neil Curran, Johnny keenan and Olga Cronin, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

You can view the show in its entirety above.

Topics tackled included Luas Vs Cyclists, The Eighth Amendment, Colm O’Gorman and the New European Order. Things became unfestive very quickly.

Sporadic swearing.


Marcel’s buke ‘Babushka’s Journey‘ is available to purchase here

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21 thoughts on “Our Finest Gifts We Bring

  1. Stuart

    I don’t understand the point of this. It’s one thing to have actual qualified experts talking on a tv panel show. Professors and journalists and the like. But these are just people who use an app. It’s like digital tyre kicking.

    1. anne

      I think they’re a pretty informed bunch.

      Just a thought..why not try & get the odd TD on..I would loooove to see Mick Wallace or Claire Daly on.

      Like if you badgered um enough they’d give in. You might even only have to ask once.

      What’s his name, Richard Boyd Barrett & Paul Murphy.. they’d come on too. Like leave um off the hook after 15-20 mins..and ye could carry on with the chat yerselves. Start the pestering! :-)

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Thanks for your support and informed comments through out the year Anne.
        It’s great to have constructive feedback so I for one can learn more.
        I agree with you. We should have more politicians on. I think they are scared TBH. Because BS on the telly seems to have a loose no holds barred policy we still respect the rules of engagement.
        I think BS are the front runners in honest hard hitting and direct stories while maintaining levity. Maybe that sounds like an oxymoron but I think you know what I’m trying to say. As you contribute regularly and honestly to the actual posts in question, I think you do.
        Have a great Xmas Anne

          1. Johnny Keenan

            Jinx says many happy returns Anne. If Woff Woff Woff is the dogish for that. I’m Betting it is.

    2. v.pip (sometimes off the telly)

      Apologies Stuart. While I welcome and respect all feedback, I must contradict your remarks.

      I will hold my hands up and admit to refusing the title “Expert” both on the BS.TV shows, and throughout my day’s work.

      There are far too many individuals being given the title “expert” and being allowed keep it, when in fact they should be shut down.

      You obviously uphold “actual qualified” as being more worthy of your attention, and your deference to “professors and Journalists and the like” is rather disappointing, since that is the very point of the show. None of us presenting ourselves as experts to the viewers. On any topic.

      The promises of the boys on the panel going toe to toe with each other is about the extent of the assertiveness behind any particular agenda item.

      There are absolutely no restrictions bar the cursing, or corporate policy framing what we discuss. Or indeed any guidelines on cut-off times or content, beyond standard norms and common decency.

      Current affairs, business & breaking news, politics, social issues, arts & entertainment, or the entire contents of Arthur Murphy’s mail bag, does not get aired with the same openness, fluidity or blend of voices and opinions anywhere else in the dot I E catchment.

      While it may not be obvious from the last show, and most definitely not from the Christmas Adult Toy Show, therefore it may come as a surprise to learn that I am one of those “actually qualified” in my chosen area of practice, along with experienced, credentialed, and with working results that allow me a referral only practice policy; unlike those whose voices you are probably more familiar with as representative of my own profession, or those who might have allowed you think they are leaders and shapers because RTE etc introduced them as “an expert.”

      But since a live webcast or its playback option is not a comfortable experience for you Stuart, maybe it is wise to rely on the familiar faces and sounds R1, RTE, Newstalk and TV3 can offer you.

      Once again, thanks for your feedback.

      Happy Christmas

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Yeah Vanessa!
        Well said.
        As Pat Rabbitte said ‘why don’t you put on a jersey and tog out yourself Stuart’

      2. HappyVibes

        I watched the first 25mins and I didn’t find you were making coherent points. On the question of moot point wrt abortion pill, the response was a flight to defense and pulling in another direction for the sake of it rather than responding to the question. You could argue everything is infinitely complex but for the sake of meaningful conversation on this, it is important to prioritize the issues. Also, the lack of prep was obvious – for instance, on the abortion pill that can be ordered by mail; why not do some research and inform the conversation rather than say “pill in left hand, glass of wine in right hand” – I have no idea how to interpret that. You also got a lot of names mixed up too.

        I think the point stands that for this type of thing to be effective, participants should be prepared and engaging in flow of the conversation.

        I don’t mean to be hard here. Just trying to be fair in supporting the original point.

        1. v.pip (sometimes off the telly)

          Hi there HappyVibes, thank you for commenting.
          On the matter of prep, while there is a general drift of an agenda circulated the afternoon of, John does not give us questions in advance.

          Whether it works or not, I actually like non-cue card responses since they are more authentic and less likely to be influenced.

          However I did some preparation in advance of the most recent show (Doug Jones) as I asked for the Special Election in Alabama to be put on the agenda. Namely to remind the ‘Roy Moore was only 1.5 points behind’ parties of the Voter Suppression Laws in Alabama, and to mention the mid terms next year. But it never got there.

          I did prepare some jokes though, although I can see none of ye noticed.
          Which is probably a good thing.

          HappyVibe Christmas

      3. Warden of the Snort

        It was a good answer, and you are always very gracious here Vanessa in response to any criticism, which I must say I admire you greatly for. But I have to say I also think Stuart has something of a point even if he expresses it poorly. Most times I tune in to this show, I see people just rambling, I don’t learn anything from it really, and if I wanted to listen to lads and lasses rambling on I’d just go down the pub and have the added pleasure of getting drunk at the same time ( I suppose that in fairness I could do that at home while watching this show as well, but I digress ..)

        I appreciate what Anne is saying (and yourself) that that is the actual premise of the show, I also acknowledge your point about so-called experts, but there are now lots of other online fora where people who so wish can seek out information rich commentary, and this show for the most part is not one of them. If your argument is that it’s alternative voices for the sake of it, well fair enough but most weeks I tune in, it’s the same bunch of people saying more or less the same kinds of things, so I’m not really seeing it as being all that alternative after a while either.

        And above all, for gods’ sake it needs to be edited. I know there’s a whole lot of cost associated with that, but if they’re putting up a live version of it, fine, we’ll accept the scratches and pauses, but when it’s on replay, why on earth can it not be tidied up a bit to make it flow better? It seems like pure laziness to be honest.

        So, mixed feelings here. I laud the effort made, I really do, but I really think that less is also more.
        Sorry if my point of view offends, I’m trying to be as measured as possible.

        1. Warden of the Snort

          That’s all you’ve got Stuart?

          You should have seen the stuff in response to this that I had moderated :)

          This is the last time I help other people make sense of your nauseating drivel.

  2. v.pip (sometimes off the telly)

    This seems to have turned into a school yard of sorts, well a schoolboys one, so I am going to drop off the thread. But before I do I must insist that those viewers who are looking for the “here’s one I made earlier” answers to questions, and official lined up auto-qued dialogue in discussions and debates, then I am so sorry to disappoint because BS.TV is probably not for you, and I don’t really see that changing; In the long run anyway, since there are possibly *two exceptions:

    – this Thursday’s Christmas Do show has a surprise twist that I am certain a number of ye here will eat up.
    – *The Year in Review – the following Thursday 28th (*I am only guessing that is the agenda.)

    1. Stuart

      Can I just say (and you can check the email if you’re a admin type) that I didn’t write the bulk of the replies here to my original comment about this video. Someone is using the name Stuart and pretending to be me. I thought the software or whatever would kick in here and not allow that…?

  3. Stuart

    Wait a minute… I didn’t write any of these replies! (This is the original Stuart who posted the comment about this being tyre kicking). This is weird…. isn’t there control over someone else taking over and using the same name, hijacking responses?

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