The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year


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All we ask from you is a tune we can play at an unspecified time next week.

This week’s theme: Song of the year.

What original choon [Irish or international release in the past 12 months] burrowed its way earworm-stylee in to your consciousness and took up tenancy during 2017?

To enter, just complete this sentence.

‘The best thing I’ve heard all year is_________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 6.15pm MIDNIGHT Sunday!

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101 thoughts on “The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year

  1. HyperGlobalCompuMegaNet

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is “Golden Slumbers” by Elbow.

    I know haters gonna hate. Yes, it’s a cover. Yes, it’s a cover of THE BEATLES (for crying out loud). Yes, it was (probably) commissioned for commercial purposes. I don’t care.

    His voice is likely drinking liquid velour…my that’s smooth.

    I’m off to listen to it right now…

    1. Papi

      Starlings is my Elbow drug. “You’re the only thing in any room you’re ever in”, lyric of the century.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I saw them playing in the Ambassador years ago. I love them, but was kind of put off by how much he loves his own voice. So do I, obv, but it was weird.
        Though to be honest the real reason I didn’t enjoy it was probably because I was driving. Gigs are no fun sober.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I fell asleep at Portishead. I was a bit “tired and emotional” and thought it would be a good idea to rest my head as I listened.
            I also fell asleep at a Brad Mehldau Trio concert in Vicar Street.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Funny. I saw them very early on (must’ve been 2007 maybe? I think it was just after that Fake Empire album came out) in the Olympia and they were amazing.
            Heh. I’ve just looked them up. They were formed in 1999. Very early on my ass. Look at me showing off, not realising I’m a total fool.

        1. LeopoldGloom

          I was at those ambassador gigs. Pete broke his leg in the Gresham hotel. Guy was hammered. It was great.

      2. ReproBertie

        That really is an awesome lyric in an excellent song. I also like the line “If she says she needs me, everything is going to have to wait” and there’s so, so much excellence in Bones of You.

  2. The Festive Spirits

    There’s only one winner here and it’s That’s When you Know it’s Christmas by The Festive Spirits.


  3. missred

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is What We Do (and also I Don’t Need It Now) by Le Boom. Cracking band and their live shows are stompers.

  4. Pedro Noccio

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is Dublin City Gs by Versatile. Is it a comment on Dublin or is it just a bit of craic? Maybe not for everyone but I find it good for a laugh. Go on Casper and Eskimo Supreme.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Oh come on, we all know it was your red lipstick and Croydon facelift backing vocals that stole the show that night.

  5. Friscondo

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is, “the Microdisney tickets have arrived”. Also Pure Comedy by Father John Misty.

  6. Pip

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is Seamus Fogarty’s Short Ballad for a Long Man.
    Great video too.

    1. Seamus

      Seamus Fogarty’s album is the best by an Irish artist in donkeys years. My favourite track is the Curious Hand but I wouldn’t overrule your choice either.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I imagine the next move to be a kind of Rick from the Young Ones squished up face followed by damp patch on pants.

          2. Nigel

            Oh, that was colder than the deep empty vacuum of space. That may have actually reversed global warming. Frosty the Snowman caught hypothermia from it.

  7. dylad

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is ‘element’ by kendrik lamar, where he details his dislike and actual allergy to pussy ass n******, while making it look sexy.

  8. LeopoldGloom

    I’m wildly out of touch with any new music this year due to sheer laziness. That said, Arcade Fire’s Everything Now hooked me immediately.

    It’s like the took some (not all) of the best bits of their back catalogue and listened to a lot of ABBA to make a glorious pop/rock single that doesn’t or won’t age at all. Even the normally awful panpipe manages to not annoy throughout this track.

    On it’s surface, It stands alone as a wonderfully, catchy pop song. One that is easily to sing along to and one for the crowds. Dig deeper and listen carefully and there is a lot of anxiety in the lyrics.

    Classic Arcade Fire

    This Is The Kit – Moonshine Freeze is good too…

    1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

      Just heard that Arcade Fire song this morning! It is quite catchy.
      I am also out of touch with a lot of new music. *high five*
      (if you consent to say high five that is.)**

      **That is the most 2017 thing i’ve written all year.

      1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

        John Kelly is playing this song a lot recently:
        Oneohtrix Point Never ft. Iggy Pop – The Pure and the Damned

        It’s from the soundtrack of a film called ‘Good Time’ starring Robert Pattinson.
        And it’s from 2017.

        You might have heard of Aldous Harding. My brain seems to connect her to This is the Kit for some reason. She had an album out this year.

        1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

          Besides that Iggy Pop tune, the only other 2017 music that got stuck in my head was the intro music to Mindhunter, which would morph into ‘Big My Secret’ (from The Piano soundtrack) as it played in my head.

          There’s also Myles Manley. He released a video/song this year. And he’s Irish.

          It didn’t get stuck in my head though. But it’s pretty good… At least, I don’t think that’s patriotic bias talking. He should be getting more coverage in general, imo.

          I’ve surely posted enough comments now.
          Minor ok tracks from 2017: ‘Piel’ by Arca
          ‘The Neverending’ by James Holden & the Animal Spirits. Actually that whole album: also minor ok-ness worth at least checking.

          Four tet released an album this year. Got a 5 star review from Q magazine (although that magazine has gone to the dogs in fairness.) My sister wants the album for christmas. I didn’t warm to it that much, and i’d be a bit of a fan from when I was younger. Some tracks are pretty good though.

          I think that’s it. I think that’s all my brain spilled out here.

          1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            John Kelly has also been playing tracks from this album:
            Aromanticism by Moses Sumney

            Falls a bit too much under the category of ‘coffee table gloss’ to be a personal favourite of mine, but Bandcamp have decided to call it their album of the year for 2017, and it’s hard to deny the quality of the 2 tracks I’ve heard JK play, which are ‘plastic,’ and ‘quarrel’ I think.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Mildred and I were talking about that earlier.
      Stick, that is.
      Sticky sticky STICK stick.

    1. I post things vaguely related to the image/subject

      A different version of ‘He Needs Me’ features in the film ‘Punch Drunk Love,’ directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Adam Sandler. If you haven’t seen the film, it’s very good, imo.

      (Don’t let the presence of Sandler put you off, he is excellent in that particular role.)

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Agreed,.its brilliant and Sandler is superb.
        He’s also fantastic in The Meyerowitz Stories on Netflix.

        1. Liam Deliverance

          Punch Drunk Love is a great film, also agree on Adam Sandler in that role. Shelley Duvall plays Olive Oyl and sings He Needs Me in Popeye, the movie, with Robin Williams as Popeye. It was his first movie role after TV series Happy Days, back in 1980. Rest in Peace Robin Williams. Shelley Duvall is most famous for her role as Wendy Torrance in The Shining.

  9. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is not from this year. It’s ‘Gentle on My Mind’ by Glen Campbell.

  10. Lambechoppe

    Best tchune was Everything Now! by … guess who, huh? & best band was 3rd Eye Blind in the Academy as i was expecting nothing and was rewarded with a great night by an honest band …

  11. :-Joe

    Easily the best thing I’ve heard all year was Hillary Rodham Clinton saying “what happened?”.. and pretty much anything that the sex offending orangutan prez. Drumpf says, because unintentionally he is pure surealist gold. ..

    On the other question and regardless of recent politics….

    ..The best song I’ve heard all year is easily “Spent the day in bed” by Morrissey.

    It’s an original, thoughtful, heartfelt and poetic expression wrapped up in a great little catchy pop tune. Many other fine songs came close and I never thought it would be picking a pop song sung by Morrissey.
    May we live in interesting times…

    Bah humbug…


  12. Glat1

    The best thing I’ve heard this year is something I don’t even know the name of. I’ve heard snatches of it in different places. There is an insistent driving rhythm and the lyric “Morning came too soon”. A tale about a night of smooth skin and tenderness. For me it’s earworm city, can’t shake it out of my head. If anyone can let me know what the song is I’d be grateful. I’ll buy the album!

  13. Naomi

    It’s called ‘Morning Came Too Soon’ it’s by The Waterboys and the album is called, ‘Out Of The Blue’.

  14. Paddy at the Howth Summit

    ‘The best thing I’ve heard all year is Los Ageless from MASSEDUCTION by St Vincent.

    The last days of the sunset superstars
    Girls in cages playing their guitars
    But how can I leave?
    I just follow the hood of my car
    In Los Ageless, the waves they never break
    They build and build until you don’t have no escape
    But how can I leave?
    I just follow my hood to the sea, go to sleep

  15. Johnny Keenan

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is …’Oblivious’ by Mick Blake (‘The Legend of Leitrim’) from the debut album of the same name.
    The lyric and video imagery are self explanatory.
    This song has to be a serious contender for original song of the year. Even though Christy Moore covered this anthem it still sounds better from the source.
    Thanks for your consideration BS.
    Good luck & Up The Rebels!!!

    1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

      RE: That Factory Girl video with Lisa O’Neill & Radie Peat.

      That’s an amazing harmony that kicks in around the 2 minute mark. But there’s something about the whole performance, a solemn lifelessness, that bothers me.

      (Just one performance though.)

      1. v.pip (sometimes off the telly)

        What’s Jinx’s favourite Christmas song Johnny?

        Bark!!! the herald angels sing ….

  16. Amorphous Kerry Blob


    I’ve just listened to something today I never heard before. It’s from the Alan Lomax* collection:

    Southern Journey Volume 8: Velvet Voices – Eastern Shores Choirs, Quartets, And Colonial Era Music

    I know I’ve waffled on far too much on this page but some of this is f***ing amazing.

    If this area of music sounds in any way your cup of tea I would recommend you request it from your local library (It should take about a week to get it back to you. BTW I have it out at the minute. Irish Libraries are a great resource for cd’s/dvd’s and such. And it costs next to nothing.)


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