114 thoughts on “Get Out Now

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      No, he’s actually Voldemort.

      You have to kill him seven times to be sure he’s actually gone.

    2. Rich Uncle Skeleton

      They blasted him off into space in a one man prison vessel. But it was revealed they had accidentally placed a foreigner on board by mistake. Spokesperson said: “This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen.”

  1. The Old Boy

    Of three of first three speakers there, I see three visions for Ireland:

    -The best little tax haven in which to do business,
    -Confessional vassal of Rome,
    -Quasi-independent vassal of Britain.

  2. conski

    lolz @ url

    Amusingly it’s free but ticketed event. The more nefarious of you could book 2/4/6/8 tickets each…
    By ‘you’ I mean, us.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Limited to 2 per head

      and this
      This event is sponsored by the EFDD Group in the European Parliament and is open only to supporters of a Irish Exit from the European Union. Unwelcome interjections from the audience may result in removal from the event.

      1. TheQ47

        One way around that is for loads of people to book two tickets each, and then not turn up. That way, you’re not in breach of their rules about interjections, and they look like idiots speaking in front of an almost empty RDS hall.

    1. Nigel

      I expect if John Waters is an outsider it’s due to him being increasingly out of step with a new generation disaffected by and disenchanted with the Catholic Church and its more conservative teachings, not to mention its mistreatment and exploitation of vulnerable women and its protection of sexual predators. He really should try to be more understanding of that point of view, or he’ll only become increasingly bitter at his marginalisation. Not sure embracing a radical far-right project fueled by xenophobia and isolationism will help with that, though.

      1. Killian G

        Yeah, the joie de vivre seems to have departed him. He’s turned into a fairly nasty, embittered old tool.

  3. Grace

    Ha yeh Brexit is going so smoothly for Britain thus far, and it’s clearly going to transport their economy into the major nations stratosphere. We would be mad not to do the same!

    Oh wait, no….

    *clutches EU passport close*

  4. Killian G

    Terms and conditions:

    “This event is sponsored by the EFDD Group in the European Parliament and is open only to supporters of a Irish Exit from the European Union. Unwelcome interjections from the audience may result in removal from the event.”

    (and WAS IT FOR THIS?: “For international customers based outside of the United Kingdom or to enter your address manually, click here.”)

    1. TheRealJane

      They truly are a magnificent bunch of super competents who have read their potential audience really well.

  5. TheRealJane

    This will be the greatest event ever staged. Personally, I hope it’s a tremendous success and the lads have a ball.

    Just like the real brexit, the best guys are it, it’s going to be AMAZING!

    1. Murtles

      The singing, the craic, the stories, should be a rip roaring event. Plus starts at 11. If that’s PM twill be plenty of time to get in several pints to warm up the vocal chords (if it’s AM, breakfast pints, you can’t go wrong).

  6. Andrew

    When the squeeze is put on and a common tax rate imposed at the behest of the French (who have done nothing to reform their own economy) I can see the calls for Irexit then.
    It wasn’t that long ago when the EU were the bad guy in Irish eyes.

    1. Alastair

      Nobody can impose a common EU tax rate without the unanimous agreement of all EU member states – which, of course, wouldn’t be imposing anything. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        1. Go A Way

          Fantastic – can’t wait

          Can we have the French or German health care , general infrastructure and public education systems now please?

          1. snowey

            no we cant – because our tax is being used to pay debt incurred to repay French & German banks for their investment cos that is how it works

  7. Ultan

    Ha, ha, ha. See they left the .co.uk out of the URL for tickets? Hiding the “Ireland will be a province once again” thinking of the Brexiteers? Also, this is from the ticket booking site:

    “This event is sponsored by the EFDD Group in the European Parliament and is open only to supporters of a Irish Exit from the European Union. Unwelcome interjections from the audience may result in removal from the event.”

  8. Scoops4all

    Not sure how to pronounce thay. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like ‘Brexit’. Reckon that’s the only reason UK went ahead with it- came up with the name and decided it was too good not to use.

  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    It’s not on the RDS website. Are they waiting to see what kind of uptake they get on the tickets before booking a room?

  10. curmudgeon

    Why scoff? Seriously the EU is not a benevolent organisation, they royally screwed us over when the banking crisis hit, and Greece’s democratic reform was greeted with a “so-what? F.upp you – pay us” attitude. The Lisbon treaty was anything but democratic. Do I think we should leave the single market? Nope. Do I think the ever growing EU superstate could use some public debate? Yes I f.upping do and you’re a sheep or worse if you make fun of those that do.

    1. Killian G

      I would say everyone agrees with you on that point, curmudgeon.

      It is the involvement of the likes of John Waters that I personally am scoffing at.

    2. The Old Boy

      I agree that the EU suffers from a number of grave systemic structural problems that ought to be debated much more widely than is currently the case.

      You ask, “why scoff?”

      The answer to that is that this is an event bankrolled by Europe of Freedom and Democracy, an EU parliamentary group comprised of known racists, buffoons and neo-fascists and that at least two of the headline speakers are widely regarded as dangerous, objectionable clowns.

      Scoff away.

        1. ReproBertie

          How skint can a man be when he has a £73,000 MEP pension to live on? All at Britain’s expense too.

    3. Charger Salmons

      They scoff because they have short memories.
      Once Brexit is concluded and the compliant Irish have served their purpose and been tossed aside liked a used condom France and Germany will come after Corporation tax and tax havens.
      And with Blighty’s €10billion a year annual payments gone the net contributors, of which Ireland is finally one, will have to pony up plenty more moolah to cover the shortfall.
      And all the while 20,000+ immigrants quietly flood into the country every year looking for housing,places in schools and free medical cards and suddenly Patrick wakes up to a very different country.

      1. Go A Way

        Great – can’t wait for more immigrants to freshen up the gene pool and rid us of the vestiges of lace curtain west britishism and brutal, papist peasantry

        As for this: “ France and Germany will come after Corporation tax and tax havens.” – great as well, about fupping time , who knows we might even be able to find some more social housing then or a proper health service

        You people are xenophobic racist scum btw

        1. Andrew

          “Great – can’t wait for more immigrants to freshen up the gene pool and rid us of the vestiges of lace curtain west britishism and brutal, papist peasantry ”

          You forgot to mention the cuisine.
          What utter clichéd nonsense.

        2. some old queen

          I have a friend who is an anthropologist who would agree with you except the latest wave is gay Brazilians. Never behind the door when looks were being given out but hardly likely to be stretching the local primary school’s resources anytime soon?

      2. Listrade

        €10 bn off set by the €6.5bn the UK receives in funding from the EU no longer being paid out.

        20,000 + immigrants that the UK has agreed to retain citizenship rights for.

        Other than that, spot on mate.

      3. some old queen

        Once Brexit is concluded. It will be concluded alright, into the dustbin of history.

        Them and us doesn’t work here sweetheart, we already have the ‘howaya’ blacks and the ‘howaya’ asians so it’s only a matter of time before we have the ‘howaya’ Muslims too. Problem yours not theirs partner. Comperende?

    1. Charger Salmons

      From the BBC:

      ” The fault on the £3.1bn carrier was first identified during sea trials.
      A Royal Navy spokesman said the ship was scheduled for repair and the fault did not prevent it from sailing again early in the new year. ”

      The clue is in the first line.

  11. James Mackin

    Thanks Broadsheet for highlighting this Event, just booked my tickets, can’t wait ’til February!

  12. Kolmo

    Bankrolling, you ask? Probably the same international poo-stirrers who paid the intellectuals in the DUP £425,000 to push for a Brexit, comically contrary to their own obvious economic interests and endangering the economy in the rest of Ireland..

  13. ReproBertie

    Freedom to prosper, if you’re a business and keen on the idea of removing work hour limits, paid holidays and all that health and safety nonsense that is.

    An opinion poll in May said that 88% of us are happy in the EU. Brexit gets more and more shambolic every day. Ireland has secured legally binding agreements on there being no hard border. What makes these goons think there’s any appetite for self destruction here?

  14. Rob_G

    I find it heartening that the only Irish elected official that they could find to speak at their event is a local councillor that no-one has heard of.

    1. ReproBertie

      He’s an independent first time councillor from Galway. He was in Renua for about a fortnight and was supposed to run for the Dáil under their banner.

  15. Charger Salmons

    It’s the fear generated by the appearance of Nigel Farage in their midst that has Paddy up on his hind legs mewling and gibbering.
    The very thought that someone with a different political view might wish to engage them in debate sends them off into paroxysms of angst.
    ” Ooooooooh,how very dare he.Let’s get tickets surreptitiously and go along to disrupt the meeting and stamp our feet. ”
    Kevin Myers was right last night.The liberal bottom-sniffers hate anything that offends their politically correct and consensual norm.

    1. Nigel

      Amazing how disagreement sends people like Salmon and Myers into spasms of insult and high dudgeon. We’re not obliged to like you or your appalling opinions. We’re not obliged to disguise our revulsion. Stop whinging. Your political views needed years of hateful lies blazed across tabloid front pages and about a million Russian bots and a delusion of utter disbelief in the sensible part of the UK electorate that anyone could be this stupid. Now you represent the Brexit point of view with endless stream of racist abuse. What a salesman for Brexit you are.

      1. ReproBertie

        Brexit relied on lies and racism to get the vote so it should come as no surprise that racism is part and parcel of their rhetoric.

        I certainly don’t view Nigel the Nazi’s intention to speak in Ireland with fear. If anything it’s with incredulity at his brass neck and wry humour that a man so blatantly racist and hypocritical thinks he’ll have an audience for his snake oil in a country that was used and abused by his own for generations. No doubt he’ll get an evening on the Late Late though .

        1. Nigel

          He’s a clown, but what’s worrying is what he represents. Fortunately, the best advertisement against Irexit is Brexit, and the likes of Salmon, who seems to be trying to neg us into submission.

      2. Killian G

        Curious thing here is that – yes, whisper it – I would actually be interested in Charger’s response to this IF there was any chance he could or would present a reasoned, intelligent one.

        Unfortunately, though, he will either 1) ignore it and stay quiet for a while only to pop up on another thread altogether and just repeat the same old hyperbole mixed with racist and childish insults, or 2) respond but ignoring the points, instead monkey-mocking a typo or whatever + a mix of childish and racist insults.

        Would you perhaps take this as a challenge, Charger? Could you? Genuinely – are you capable of engaging in intelligent debate? And that does mean leaving your boorishness, childishness and racism to the side for a moment. And actually presenting intelligent argument.

        Can you do that?

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Leather Jacket Guy effectively disappeared once we stopped giving him the oxygen of attention, perhaps we should do the same with Charger, he’s clearly just looking for any attention, good or bad.

          2. The Old Boy

            The Broadsheet regulars’ collective decision to completely ignore LJG once enough vitriol had been poured forth (and the extraordinarily creepy legion of fake accounts went quiet) was a thing of great beauty.

      3. Charger Salmons

        @Nigel (the snowflake and not ” the most successful politician of his generation ” )
        Ah,the old ” Russian bots persuaded 17.4 people to vote Leave against their will ” nonsense that you keep peddling.
        I don’t suppose you subscribe to the Continuity Remaining Financial Times otherwise you would have seen their story this morning rubbishing such claims.
        Researchers at Oxford University found that just 105 Russia-linked accounts tweeted in the run up to the vote and that there was no “significant Russian activity” during the referendum.
        Twitter said only one Russian account spent any money promoting tweets during the referendum, and they only bought six adverts.
        It emerged that most Russian Twitter activity about Brexit actually took place after the referendum.
        And a number of the Russia-linked Twitter accounts were actually pro-Remain.
        Google told the Electoral Commission it had found no evidence of any paid Russian activity during the referendum.
        Facebook said Russia spent a total of 73p on adverts during the referendum, and they reached 200 people.
        Researchers even found that one account accused by pro-Remainers of being a Russian troll turned out to be run by a security guard in Glasgow.
        Doh !
        You need to get your news from somewhere other than the RTE/Irish Times/Guardian axis of effluent.

        1. Nigel

          Hey, since we agree about the endless tabloid lies and the racism, I won’t argue the point, though even if true you should be ashamed that since you were so easily persuaded by the latter the Russian bot army barely bothered to show up.

          1. Nigel

            What, you think Irish racism can be exploited to push for Irexit? That is certainly a bit of a worry, particularly with support from Brexit racists like yourself. Hopefully the rest of us will have learned a lesson from the dangerous complacency of non-racists in the UK.

            By the way, you must be very proud of your own efforts in getting the levels of racism in Ireland up. Congrats!

          2. Charger Salmons

            I’m sure the bearded hipster types at Broadsheet Towers have a zero tolerance towards racist postings.
            Otherwise why would I still be here ?
            But it’s an easy trope for sandalistas like yourself to trot out.
            It’s the default raised handbags position of the intolerant Left.


          3. Nigel

            It is easy to trot out the argument that you are racist because you are literally and obviously racist. You can’t even argue coherently that you’re not, and you’ll say anything. Am I intolerant of your racism? Aw diddums.

          4. Charger Salmons

            Now you’re floundering like a fish out of water old sport.
            Step away from the keyboard,take a deep breath and perhaps go and make yourself a cup of camomile tea to calm yourself down.
            Because at the moment you’re making a tit out of yourself simply because I produced evidence which knocked one of your arguments into a cocked hat.
            Seriously,you can shout wacist,wacist,wacist and stamp your feet as long as you like but it won’t undo the evidence above.
            I’m off for a while anyway – Christmas scoops with chums including my Slovakian gardener this arvo.
            Pip pip !

        2. Listrade

          I remember something. Monday 13th November. A very strong speech specifically accusing Russia and Putin of seeking to “undermine free societies” and “sow discord” in the West by “deploying its state-run media organizations to plant fake stories.”

          Theresa May.

          Probably nothing.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Last I heard Facebook and Twitter were not Russian state-run media organisations.
            But hey,if the cap fits you wear it lovey.

          2. Listrade

            I dunno darling, after the Russians helped bail you out in WWII, I thought you’d welcome their help again in your pursuit of independence.

            Not rewriting history again are we petal?

          3. Go A Way

            My personal favorite is when duchesses who purvey fake news buttress their point with other equally fake news sources

          4. Nigel

            Wow, ouch. Your responses usually have a glibness that disguises their wrongness or dishonesty, but you must be off balance because that’s about three blatantly stupid responses in a row. Or maybe your schtick is running on empty.

    2. Frilly Keane

      D’ya know wha’ Sammy
      The only thing about Farage that creeps me out is his Farah slacks and gold tone buttoned blazers

      And my biggest fear about being in his near company is discovering that the arse on those slacks is shiney

  16. Tony O'Leary

    So the Event Terms and Conditions:
    “This event is sponsored by the EFDD Group in the European Parliament and is open only to supporters of a Irish Exit from the European Union. Unwelcome interjections from the audience may result in removal from the event.”
    So they obviously don’t want to ‘engage in debate’ and hear opposing views – just more racist and xenophobic rabble rousing from the far right.

  17. Barry the Hatchet

    This YouTube video is posted on a channel called SkySA, which boasts other such charming gems as:

    – Did Jews alter our Modern Bible in order to deny Christ, and to exaggerate their victimhood?
    – 1,000,000 British Children Raped by Muslim Men! – This is Institutional Ethnic Cleansing!
    – The Man who refused a photo with mandela!
    – Why the dismantling of Apartheid has caused the destruction of Black South Africa and genocide of White South Africans
    – European Leaders and MSM Must Hang! Proof Refugee Crisis is a Sham

    Let’s not even begin to pretend this event isn’t fuelled by racism and xenophobia.

  18. :-Joe

    Oh.. it’s that John Waters… I was gonna say, the new “I’ll bleedin’ recks it ” campaign might be interesting with a cult film director on-board… shame..

    I used to like the fact that farage had the balls to stand up to the beaurocracy that’s been corrupted by financial elites at the heart of the EU and then it all went totally fruity and nutty within a year or two.

    The main reason for Brexit was the political class in britain allowing a referendum in the first place. Our constitution is better suited to having a referendum but for britain it should have been debated properly and decided upon through parliament.

    Everyone involved used the issue as a political football or a stick to beat the usual polemics of left vs the right, millenials vs baby boomers, liberal vs conservative etc. etc. and vice versa.

    Added to that, the tory’s are still living in the past thinking they are keeping the jolly old empire alive and deserve to be prioritised before the EU member states as a whole. Drop bojo the clown argueing against Labour( Tory light ) in the middle and good luck making sense of it… let alone not expecting every mad idea to burst out of the woodwork.

    All this nonsense about russian hackers and putin is hilarious to read. US NSA, UK GSOC, RUS FSB, GER, FRA, CHINA, ISRAEL many other security services and a load of random hackers are all over your phones and devices right now and have been for years pretty much all of the time or anytime they like. The mad notion that it’s only rus trying to intefere with the US and EU is hilarious, it’s like Reagan whining about reds under your bed from the 50’s in the middle of the mccarthy tribunals..

    Just in case you haven’t heard and you don’t know… there’s a new cold war that’s been going on for almost twenty years at this point, you just can’t see it and it’s not reported in the news. Everyone is hacking everyone else you daft propaganda victims.

    Anyway, the pope-a-dope vs the abortion referendum and more of all this madness will make for a fun year ahead….


  19. realPolithicks

    What a bunch of gobs***s, just the fact that they included farage shows how clueless they are.

  20. Nigel

    I like how it’s framed as having literally nothing to do with his beliefs. It is only to do with his repellent opinions but that’s how people like him duck direct criticism.

  21. Drogg

    Someone thinks its a good idea to put waters and farage in the same building in a nation thats full of people that hate them both, what could possibly go wrong? I am fully sure anti europe friend of farage, enda sherlock will be their and renua too, one would almost think that this would be the sort of gathering that someone who wished to send a message that these people are not welcome to spread hate would have to attend.

  22. stephen lane

    There are two ways to end a relationship. The not-so-clever way is for you to break up with the other. Unfortunately, the other will most likely resent you and also may not accept the breakup and continue to harass you.

    The cleverer way is to annoy of your other half so much that they dump you!

    The UK is doing it the first way. Meanwhile, Poland is doing it the other way. Poland is making the EU kick them out. Much simpler and more effective.

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