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Nigel Farage hit by milkshake in Newcastle – live news (The Guardian)


Amid growing doubts about how long she can survive, Theresa May rebuffed the latest calls for her to step down, saying talks with Labour would resume this week and changes to the political declaration – likely to include a customs arrangement, workers’ rights and environmental protections – would then be taken to the EU.

Brexit weekly briefing: panic as Farage polls highest for EU elections (The Guardian)

Poll via YouGov

Nigel Farage launching the Brexit Party earlier this month

The YouGov survey for The Times put the party launched by the former Ukip leader last week on 23 per cent, a point in front of Labour and five ahead of the Tories, and appeared to confirm the result of a shock poll published on Wednesday…


Brexit news – live: Second poll shows Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party on course for European election victory (The Independent)

Poll puts Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the lead for May’s European elections (Channel 4)

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Last night.


Drinking foreign beer.

Ross Atkins tweetz:

Who’s this having a beer in the European Council canteen? Mr Farage has much to celebrate.

If young Nigel says he’s happy then he’s happy.

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EU Summit (Irish Times Blog)




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