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    1. dav

      people dying on hospital trolleys isn’t a crisis but normal, according to Leo’s propaganda department

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yep. And Michéal Martin, the Grand Old Duke Of Cork, has just begun another march up the hill, only to march back down again. Dimmy Tooly and the merry band must be getting mighty tired at this stage.

    2. Go A Way

      JAYsus giggidy we might really see eye to eye on a lot of stuff – who knew
      FWIW I happened to have that Mary Wilson yoke on yesterday in the car – she was interviewing some Iranian fella and doing the usual “ooh here’s some balance “ stuff asking idiotic contrarian questions just for the sake of hearing her own squeaky annoying little voice – and you know what I was thinking ? What if Giggidy is right?

      Alright well in fairness I didn’t bend over quite that far like a lily leaf but I must admit your words were ringing in my ears listening to her grandstanding bs

        1. Go A Way

          Fair play in fairness

          What I was thinking – and i’m Being perfectly honest here – was that I remembered why I stopped listening to this godawful drivel in the first place – however I remain wholly unconvinced that an alternative dinny- led ( or equivalent) media universe is a great alternative ;)

  1. Commentator

    No Irish Daily Mail today? Julian Benson still 46 and going on 47 next month? Still pretending to be 34 on his Tinder? No more riveting stories like Sunday’s exclusive which broke that story? Surely the Irish version of Dancing With the Stars has more shit* to release this week in anticipation of next Sunday’s show.

  2. Val Doing It Again

    Sarah Murphy…

    Wrong thread.
    I jumped straight to the comments.
    I thought it was a free-for-all.

    This is the newspapers.

      1. A Wild Pokémon appeared...

        Ho ho, merry new years and etc.
        Let us look to the beginning of 2 thousands and 108. We will see, going forward, and it will be the best one.
        You read it here first. I should know. I wrote it.

        Hang on… you can edit stuff now?
        …is that a new thing?
        That’s mad!

        Can I just sa

    1. Clampers Outside!

      ” …Lindy West’s recent tirade against men in the the New York Times. Even more worrying, this screed echoes feminist scholar Lisa Wade’s weeks-earlier definitely-not-man-hating assertion that “the problem is not toxic masculinity; it’s that masculinity is toxic,” and that “we need to call masculinity out as a hazardous ideology and denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it.”

      Read that again…. “Masculinity is a hazardous ideology”

      ……Jaysus! The biology denying lunacy of this claptrap is astounding. Man hating misandry, nothing more. G’wan the sexist feminist theorists and there cack throwing nonsensical theories of hate.

      Gonna need more diaries or autoethnographical studies parading as academia stat… LOL!

      1. Go A Way

        PS what an obviously disturbed dystopian freak this Lindsay guy is – sadly i must admit I’ve tried to wade through his myopic, parasitic drivel.

        Please see above . I genuinely hope you get the good help you need to get over your obviously still raw trauma. HNY fella.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Pot kettle there pet, you start the year throwing about accusations of mental health issues.
          Very good lad.

          Thanks, but I’m fine, and I do wish you a HNY as good as mine :)

          1. Go A Way

            I know what crazy looks like when I see it bud- and I’m referring to the author’s arguments here- before you mischaracterise again – my statement – got great mileage out of the sad way his arguments are constructed – seeking to declaim a whole slew of unreferenced sources with a plethora of declarative unreferenced sources – he can’t write for tuppence- the fact you cite some inarticulate, poorly argued, unreferenced opinion claptrap like this as a “academic” type source merely shows how removed from any credible relevant information you are – and why in my opinion you need to seek professional, qualified opinion- you’re the epitome of someone trying to self medicate trying various medicinal herbs and hope some of them won’t poison you – as I said good luck in 2018

          2. Clampers Outside!

            I take you believe “masculinity is a hazardous ideology” then.

            because ridicule is all that anyone who believes such nonsense with such bent as yours deserves…. and you accuse the author of being myopic.

            Hah! Hahaha jaysus pet, get your head out of the ideological hoop you’re buried in.
            Feminism insists on myopia, they even have a name for it, the “feminist lens” ffs :)

          3. Go A Way

            No – I don’t. But equally I refuse to take in any way seriously someone who thinks accusing kids of liking candy too much is some worthwhile philosophical exercise requiring exposition in a public forum

        1. Go A Way

          Its even more mental to want to bring attention to people like this – it’s attritional- creates mere noise and a fake “debate” between rival sets of know nothing’s – please have this game in private and leave the rest of the civilised world out of it – thanks “pet”

  3. mildred st. meadowlark

    I feel like I’ve forgotten my old friend the Express of late.

    It never disappoints.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Is that still your nickname for my lovemaking technique?
      I was just stressed from work is all…..

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          I’m doing that “blink in surprise gif” off of Twitter again.
          Jaykers tonight.

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