Frankie Says Relax


The Echo Chamber podcast.

Hosts Tony Groves (top left) and Martin McMahon are joined in the ‘tortoise shack’ by author, linguist and constant champion of inner city youth, Frankie Gaffney (right, with excitable friend).

Martin writes:

Frankie, while no stranger to controversy, is for my money, one of the most sincere voices around and his calls for unity come from a desire for a better society.

We discuss: Inequality and the #LockedOutGen; Joining the Dots in 2018.; Left Unity and why Frankie is much more optimistic for 2018; Social Media, bullying vs debating; The Labour Party’s road to perdition or redemption; A very Young Fine Gael Christmas and a linguistic view of the Disney Channel accent! Strong language and bad jokes throughout.

The Echo Chamber

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