Khamenei’s Many Enemies


Tehran on December 30 (top); anti-government protests across Iran

Protesters also attacked police stations elsewhere in Iran late into the night on Monday, news agency and social media reports said.

One member of the security forces was reported killed on Monday, bringing to at least 14 the death toll stemming from the boldest challenge to Iran’s clerical leadership since unrest in 2009.

…The semi-official ILNA news agency quoted Ali Asghar Naserbakht, the deputy governor of Tehran province, as saying that 200 people were arrested on Saturday in Tehran, 150 people on Sunday and about 100 people on Monday.

Iranian crackdown intensifies after police posts attacked (Reuters)

Iran protests: Supreme leader Khamenei blames ‘enemies’ (BBC)

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30 thoughts on “Khamenei’s Many Enemies

    1. scottser

      in that light, we should be taking a leaf out of the iranian people’s book.
      do your job, indeed.

      1. Qanon Keane

        If only
        then it wouldn’t be so covert underhand and secret

        at least all the muck, lads gawking up, cursing, fainting, durty digs and stuff is all done in broad daylight in Junior B
        and if it gets out’ve hand at all tis all all over the effin news

    1. Friscondo

      Hezbollah is party supported by Shia and Christians in Lebanon. They drove Israel out of south Lebanon in 2000 and prevented them from achieving their military goals in 2006 war. They are a source of stability in Lebanon and it’s only deterrence against Israeli aggression. They have also recently been crucial in defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The balkanisation that Israel planned for in the Middle East has been halted in Syria and Iraq by Iran, Russia and Hezbollah. The current sources of instability are Israel, of course, Trump and a reckless new leader in Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget how this has impacted Europe with refugee crisis emboldening the far right, Brexit and general disunity in EU. We are all affected by stupid adventurism and destabilising actions in the Middle East. Israel, ruled by right wing lunatics is intent on war with Iran, using US forces of course, which would be devastating for region and the rest of the world. People are playing very dangerous games. Trump is a narcissistic, psychopathic, self confessed serial molester. Be afraid. What’s happening in Iran could end very badly for all of us.

      1. Yellow Cheese Dog

        Look at the Obama drone trying to defend a reality that is disintegrating before our very eyes.

        Tells us: which president loaded up an airplane full of cash to send to Iran?

        Which president abandoned the 2009 Iranian protestors just as they called for his help?

        Which president is suspected of doing a deal to allow Hezbollah import cocaine into the US?

        You can tell all the lies you want about Trump but he’s the one who respects the rule of law, the principles of national sovereignty and the peoples’ right to chose their own government, their own destiny.

        1. Friscondo

          Get Trump to tell his friends in Saudi Arabia about all this peoples destiny stuff. BTW he is incontrovertibly a self confessed serial molester. I heard him say it on TV.

          1. Yellow Cheese Dog


            What do you think you heard on TV that confirms your suspicions?

            Post a link if you’re so sure.

            In the meantime you’re trying to distract from Obama’s culpability in this mess.

            BTW, the storm has already hit Saudi Arabia, regime change is in effect and – unless you’re Al Waleed and his cronies – it will be relatively painless.

            @ ReproBertie

            Hold on to your hat: the storm is here!

          2. Yellow Cheese Dog

            Link to the video you claim proves your suspicions.

            Go on, let’s all see this [incontrovertible] evidence for ourselves.

            And then tell us why Obama’s hand are clean with Hezbollah.

        2. ReproBertie

          Which president supports protests in Iran but demands protesters in America lose their jobs?

  1. snowey

    I love the smell of regime change in the morning….
    Although I don’t believe it’s in the interest of the iranians to have a us ally as government.
    I’d be interested to see what putin does.

  2. shitferbrains

    The protests were instigated by hard line enemies of Khamenei in Mashad. But much easier to blame the Jews.

    1. Friscondo

      Like the initial protests in Syria and Libya, hardliners in Mashhad may be an element in this, but US and Israel will be looking to take advantage and create more slave markets and refugee catastrophe’s like they did in Libya. However Iran will be a much harder nut to crack. Israel’s survival is predicated on constant turmoil in the region.

      1. shitferbrains

        “Israel’s survival is predicated on constant turmoil in the region.” Why ? Otherwise they’d all combine and attack Israel ? Like 1948 ; 1967 ; 1973 ? The region didn’t manage much did it ? It’s scumbag Arab – and Persian – despots who thrive on chaos in the region. And as a postscript it was the French with their historical ties to the Maghreb that led the charge on Libya, not Israel and the US.

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