‘He Was Listed For Surgery In 2016’


ScolioNetwork tweetz:

This child continues to wait for his surgery. He was listed for surgery in 2016. This is the dangerous and shameful situation that exists for our children who live with #scoliosis in Ireland. #childrenshealth

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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    When they’ll shaft a child who went on the Late Late about her plight, then you know that Harris & Co don’t give any kind of a shoight about scoliosis surgery for children… or public health in general.

    No waiting on trolleys in Redacted’s hospitals.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    When is enough of this going to be enough? The boy Harris isn’t up to the job. Same as Varadkar, Reilly, Kenny (who took responsibility for the Health portfolio when Reilly was ousted), Martin, Harney.

    1. Increasing_Displacement

      Boy in a stern man/womans job.

      Whoever goes into the HSE needs to be ruthless.
      Cut the middle management, cut the people doing sweet FA.
      Cut cut cut, because a business can only run if its costs are controlled.
      Only then can we see improvements
      Some people will be unhappy
      But lets admit it f*** em.
      Peoples health is more important. You only have 1 life

      That poor child

      1. Nigel

        Health care is not a business and the idea of running the HSE as one is disastrous. People have been talking about cutting middle management for decades now and all that ever gets cut are essential and frontline services and nursing staff and beds and emergency rooms, so either it can’t or won’t be done or it’s a pure red herring and wildly overstated as a problem or as a solution. Things are like this because of cuts. The answer is not more cuts because you know what? The stuff politicians keep saying need to get cut are never the things that actually get cut and I’m only just beginning to have serious doubts about whether they know what the hell they’re talking about.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          we still spend far more per capita on healthcare than a rake of countries with far superior systems (including Canada, Australia and New Zealand), but that money clearly isn’t going to front line staff because so many of our front line workers are heading off to these places for better pay and conditions. maybe it’s not middle management but there’s a big scam going on somewhere.

          1. Kolmo

            There has to be wholesale racketeering going on at the obfuscated interfaces between for-profit health care, the public system and the insurance companies – the country is too small to have two systems, it’s too small to have such dysfunction – there has to be something very wrong going on – again, no correct oversight and too powerful vested interests retarding the whole thing for gain..

        2. newsjustin

          It always seems to me that people talk about “cutting useless middle management” because they could never, ever say anything about nurses, Gardai, etc. Because, mainly they do a great job.

          The legendary “middle management” is an area that no one has no love for so it’s the ideal red-herring solution.

          1. some old queen

            As anyone who has ever had any experience with the HSE will tell you, the waste is mind boggling. And it’s not just on the medical side, the admin is like something from the 1950s where everything has to be in hard copy and in triplicate.

            I don’t see it as a funding issue at all, it is bog basic incompetence and if that is not the fault of management then who’s is it?

          2. Increasing_Displacement

            Duplication in hospitals is unreal.
            Anyone who cannot see the waste is

            A) Naive
            B) Never in hospitals
            C) Has no interaction with healthcare

            It’s that simple. Argue all you want. You’re wrong.

            Sorry there’s a D

            D) protecting their cushty job

          3. Nigel

            Everyone knows the feckin waste is mind-boggling and everyone knows that when politicians start talking about sorting out the waste it’s the nurses and the beds and the emergency rooms that are going to get wasted.

          4. some old queen

            Of course the other player in this is the Unions who will not give an inch when it comes to new or improved processes but yes it is always the front line who get the cuts. Then, ‘the cuts’ become the excuse for not changing anything.

            As for those who think its not a business, what else could it be? It may not be ‘for profit’ but that does not excuse management and unions putting their own interests before the public’s health.

        3. Increasing_Displacement

          Be quiet Nigel, there is colossal waste in the HSE. If you are ever in hospitals you’d know this. But you’re not. You don’t have a clue. You’re just blowing hot air from your cavernous gob.

          1. Nigel

            Colossal waste better cut some more nurses so and some beds and surgical staff so wasteful and pare that cleaning staff to the bone all so wasteful.

    2. Harry Molloy

      Some interesting points from a hospital consultant concerning over crowding today. He’s obviously a vested interest but gives a good perspective.


      The fact is we do spend a lot and don’t get what we want in return. A large part of that may be due to admin staff, or due to the fact we want a&e and cancer care etc .

      I haven’t got a feckin clue and no one else does either, or they’re fibbing.

      One good thing that Lucinda Creighton put forward before losing her seat was to depoliticize the health portfolio. It’s too important and too effed up to be a vote winning political football at this stage. It also probably warrants some tough decision making, and some long term strategies, ones that might be the undoing of a single government and so be ones which they are unwilling to make.

      If it is even feasibly possible it would be great to see a cross party council delegate authority to …someone appropriate… with a sincere commitment that they will not let local politics or political leaning interrupt the long term strategies needed to fix the system and build the system we want, whatever those strategies may be and however they would be ascertained.

      Maybe that’s idealistic but any party putting that forward in their mandate would receive a vote from me. And it would be great if all members of the house were mature enough to get it happen.

  3. dav

    What do you expect from a party that rewarded baldy noonan for his dragging a dying woman through the courts

  4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I think they need to learn something from the nuns. The nuns were total bitches, obv, but they ran a tight ship. My sister in law is a nurse and she said the waste she sees in the public hospital she works in compared with the Bons Secours nuns’ place is horrifying. I guess what’s missing is people with an overview of the entire system. Too many cooks, no coherent thinking. Too much worrying about spending their alloted € in time in case they don’t get the same amount the year after. Nobody willing to take ultimate responsibility.
    That poor boy. I can’t stop looking at that picture and wincing.

    1. Killian G

      THis is very true. I have a friend that is a pharmacist in one of the Midland Regional Hospitals that gets a lot of Locum doctors and consultants coming through sometimes for a week. He said that they will issue a request for a particular medicine that he does not have in stock but has another type exactly the same. He will write back and say “Sorry do not have that one but have X and it is exactly the same”. He says the doctors almost always reply “No I want the one I want” so he has to order it in. These orders to hospitals come in big batches and cost thousands of euros. That doctor moves on to another hospital and the replacement wants something completely different and he does it all again. These medicines sit on the shelf until they are thrown away. This happens in hospitals all over Ireland he says. One hospital is ordering throwing away some drug at the same time another is ordering it, no connections. This guy is French and told me that this could not happen in France because Doctors must use a list of approved medicines and do not have the right to use whatever they want. Many of these doctors get a kickback from the pharma company.

    2. barelylegal

      the nuns would know how to dispose of the infant corpses in the most cost-effective manner at least so that’s a start

    3. Listrade

      Not exactly like-for-like. For starters how does the Bon Secours manage its AE? How does it deal with a sudden influx of sick people during a flu epidemic? How does it deal with it being used as a dumping place for people with mental illness and addictions? How do the nuns deal with the weekend blitz related to alcohol?

      It’s easier to run a health care facility when there is no emergency care or you’re only dealing with planned treatments.

      That’s not to say that there aren’t lessons in managing planned treatments or even operationally, but it can’t be applied universally given all the other aspects that hospitals need to deal with.

  5. the bottler

    Too many vested interests in health provision and no public representative will to take them on ……spend and placate is the Irish solution.

  6. Nuala MC Namara

    1)Policies:”HSE made cuts of €2.7B during recession” is an article from Irish Examiner from 2014.Those cuts,12,000 less HSE staff,a 21,000 inpatient drop&30,000 day case drop between 2012-2014,loss of 2M home help hours(‘Homecare cuts sees ‘off-loading’ of patients into hospitals’ Irish Ex article from 2016!)etc,etc(Also HSE still has 11financial units instead of 1central financial unit)
    2)Consequences: undeclared National Emergency in healthcare, overcrowding in hospitals, over 500,000 on hospital waiting lists,etc
    3)Solutions: Declare a National Emergency & set up an Emergency Co-ordination Group urgently to properly assess the healthcare system & make any neccessary change to have a fully functioning healthcare system including setting up a central financial unit,etc!
    Nothing will change unless (1)&(2) acknowledged &(3) implemented!

  7. Cian

    One other problem is that the department of health has no control of the HSE. And the HSE, in turn, has no control on the majority of hospitals that are all run individually by their patrons (mostly religious orders). Each hospital does things it’s own way. No standardisation.

    This lack of control means that it is impossible to run the whole thing efficiently.

    Long term, the State needs to buy-out all the individual hospitals.

    All IMHO.

    1. some old queen

      Who employs the staff. The HSE or the Hospitals? I ask because the HSE website appears to recruit for quite a number of hospitals.

    2. Nuala MC Namara

      Department of Health are the “parent”&IMinister for Health has overall responsibility for health& Governments form policies re healthcare provision!

  8. anne

    Disgraceful.. with being left deteriorate this badly this child will be left with lifelong problems, costing more money in the long run.

    Can’t we get anything right at all.

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