Top Of The Globe


In fairness.

Saoirse Ronan and Martin McDonagh win Golden Globe (RTÉ)

Golden Globe Award Winners 2018: The Complete List (New York Times)

31 thoughts on “Top Of The Globe

  1. Happy Molloy

    Two films I’m really looking forward to.

    I just saw The Florida Project, I’d highly recommend it.

    1. Harry Molloy

      He surprised me in that, beyond Trainspotting I’ve always found him quite limited but he was excellent in Fargo

  2. Frilly Qeane

    Despite going full Miley Cyrus Saoirse’s performance in Lady Bird is lovely

    And Billboards is a fabulous fillum
    Great story with great characters
    And all the actors involved on par with their performances; they all stood out equally
    Loved it

    Fair dues to McDonagh
    My kinda a writer
    (Although I doubt he’ll appreciate that … Wha’ Harm)

          1. Frilly Qeane

            really good
            but hard too
            but then I was a fan of hers
            and a close watcher of her story from well before Albertville

  3. scottser

    i’d appreciate ronan more as an actress if she took a role where she smiled or laughed. the moody, unobtainable thing she does gets a bit much after a while.

    ok, ok, i’ll go now. i haven’t had a coffee yet.
    grumble grumble

        1. wellness

          Or check out High School Musical, a post-modern version of the Von Trapp family , without any Nazis. Right up your alley, I bet.

  4. Steve

    Delighted for Tommy W – dreams do come true.

    “You can come out now Johnny . She’s gone……In a few minutes b@#ch”.

  5. Leopold Gloom

    Why protest by all wearing black?

    Protesting by not showing en masse would have done a whole lot more

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Why should they? Kerry Washington put it very well: “We shouldn’t have to give up our seat at the table because of bad behavior that wasn’t ours.”

      1. rotide

        Been back a week. Been taking a break from this place.

        There’s only so much screeching rubbish a man can take. Came back today to discover that Tony Groves is probably the most sensible piece on a site overrun with conspiracy crap. When Tony is the most reasonable thing, you know you’re in trouble.

          1. rotide

            You should add an alliteritive nickname as well. I’m sure you can manage it, you’re like, very smart.

          2. Frilly Qeane

            Sum’ting else Qotide bhoy

            JR himself singled you out for extra special mention on one of the pre- Christmas shows there on

            You’re well got already
            So ya are

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