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Poll taken for last night’s Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One

‘Aras Monkey’ writes:

Quick one. Who decides whether we have a presidential election or not? And if it’s not the citizens who decide then why not?



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34 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Yellow Cheese Dog

    Higgins promised he’d only serve one term. Is he going to renege on that commitment too?


    *The ‘poll’ is fake: conditioning to get the population to accept the bankster’s choice for another 7 years. So once again RTE are trying to engineer the ‘Presidency’. Ireland with Higgins as Vice Regent has been a disaster.

      1. Topsy

        Correct. Higgins can’t prevent an election, however he’ll win hands down. He’s been a magnificent representative of this country – an intellectual giant.

      1. Yellow Cheese Dog

        Are you trying to censor me small Joe Small?

        Do you work for RTE?

        (Higgins lives in the lodge built for the British Viceroy. Know your history).

          1. Yellow Cheese Dog

            The liquidation of Anglo Irish Bank in the middle of the night; signing the various water bills even though the people said no. Stuffing his face at every opportunity. His bloody god-awful poetry. Lying to get elected in the first place (“radically inclusive citizenship”). The media lying on his behalf (Fake tweets). The bang of condescension off him. Sucking up to the Queen of England. Rigging it so his daughter got a soft seat in the Seanad. Etc, etc.

          2. LW

            Haha you’ve a problem with him eating?! Or is he a renowned glutton? What lie did he tell to get elected? What exactly did he have to do with the Anglo liquidation? You do realise he doesn’t have a veto over government policy? You’ve raised more questions than you’ve answered to my mind

          3. ahjayzis

            You forgot when the pipes in my house froze in 2011. Both the president and the local school principal and our UN ambassador DID FUPING NUTIN HUN IT S A DISGRAYCE XOXOXOX

          1. LW

            He did mention the water tax Justin, do keep up. Didn’t say what he should’ve done about it, given the role and power of the position though. Maybe you’d like to illuminate us as to what he should’ve done?

  2. Increasing_Displacement

    who cares…waste of money anyway
    pomp and ceremony anyway
    let the teasock do it, he does sweet fa anway

  3. steve white

    and the answer to second part of the question is that we live in representative democracy not a direct one

  4. some old queen

    Well my tuppence is that he is a nice man but no Mary (version 1 or 2). I may be wrong but he seems to be more the old school type who has treated it as a series of retirement jollys more than anything else. Yes I think there should be an election. Let’s see what the alternatives are before jumping to conclusions about how people would vote eh?

    I think Panti Bliss should run. Then we can have a president and a queen all rolled into one.

  5. ReproBertie

    What sort of pleb responds to these polls to say “Don’t know”. Do people really believe so strongly in their indecisiveness that they feel the need to share it with the world?

    In answer to the question, if there’s a candidate challenging Michael D then we have an election. if there is not, and he wants a second term, then we don’t.

    To be a candidate a person, other than the sitting president, has to be over 35 and have the backing of either twenty TDs and Senators combined or 4 county councils.

  6. Logic

    if it ain’t broken…….. Who pays for cost of election? Taxpayer?? How much will it cost? Google it…cant find a figure. Millions? I think we could spend it more wisely on more urgent things…
    ……….fix what’s broken!

  7. eric cartman

    Bertie is our next president, can’t wait. I’d also equally welcome sean gallagher who was going to win and deserved to win before RTE robbed him with fake news

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