Expect Delays


The M1 citybound has been hit by long delays after a collision involving some lorries at the entrance to the Dublin Port Tunnel.

The incident occurred at 7.40am and one man has been taken to hospital.

Four fire engines and two ambulances were called to the scene.

All three southbound lanes remain closed and drivers are being asked to divert to the R139 and Malahide Rd or M50 and Ballymun Rd.

Long delays on M1 after lorries collide near Port Tunnel (RTÉ)

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24 thoughts on “Expect Delays

  1. dav

    Nice, trying to cross over from the inside lane to the Santry road when they should have gotten in lane 200 metres back…

    1. b

      you got all that from the picture?

      there was a significant impact and the trucks may not be facing the same direction as they were at the point of collision

      1. dav

        I’ve seen it happen before – without the crash.
        At that time of the morning there is a queue of cars in the left hand lane heading into town.
        That single lane becomes a double lane just prior to the entrance of the south bound port tunnel bore. Traffic seeking to avoid queuing in the left hand lane use the 2 lanes to the right, then dart across to access the 2nd lane that opens up at the south bore entrance.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          +1 dav

          They do be always at it. Makes me fierce angry at that hour of the morning, which has the knock-on effect of tainting my enjoyment of my morning coffee.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Well, we may be sure that your own charming wit will be revered long after you have gone.

            Do send me a signed copy of your works, won’t you?

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        +2018. Whoosh!
        A little bit too windy for my liking, though. Anyourp is not a fan of wind, which seems to blow into her face no matter which direction she is cycling.

        I think I will stick to this way of referring to myself. Or to herself. Who? Shut your festering gob.

  2. Stephen Stewart

    Seriously bad junction design. Most junctions exit from the left, here it’s to the right. Bad signage, bad layout, bad design. Some engineer needs to be charged with negligence, causing bodily harm. Manslaughter next. I’m sure it’s down to inadequate budgets, but someone signed off on this. Same exiting northbound M50. Cop-on and some paint could save lives, just saying…

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