A Real Cole Fire


The Echo Chamber podcast.

Martin McMahon (top right) and Tony Groves (left) are joined in the ‘tortoise shack’ by Paddy Cole (centre), trade unionist, SIPTU worker, Labour national executive member, “defender of the badge”, stirrer of pots, “proper bearded Lefty” and soon to be a new father.

Martin writes:

Sparks fly in this one. We discuss Labour in power 2011-16; Whether it’s fair that Labour as the minority party in government get the majority of the blame and what now for the party?

Paddy talks about the Trade Union movement and why only a bottom up, rather than top down, approach can bring about real change.

A tough and sometimes thorny conversation, but we are very grateful to Paddy for coming on, taking the hits and to be able to give them back.

Some strong language and some even stronger opinions throughout.

The Echo Chamber

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    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I think it’s known as a sh*t-eating grin.
      Even though I’ve just looked that up and there’s a negative connotation to it that I hadn’t realised. Well, apart from the profanity, obv.

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