25 thoughts on “How High?

  1. Cian

    Washington & Colorado work out at ~$120 / person
    Oregon is only $31 / person (but they traditionally have no State Sales Tax – but high income taxes)
    California is only $26 per person – but as a very conservative state[1] I don’t expect many of them to smoke.

    [1] I’ve no idea why California is so low. I suspect it is because their proposed tax (45%) is so high that it will be cheaper to buy from a dealer – so no one will buy it legally.

    1. Robert

      Regulation in California is very strict. In particular it’s only “supposed to be” for medical use, whereas other states are fine with recreational use. I’d say that would skew the figures a good bit!

  2. IonaLotOfProblems

    I would love it if Ireland would become a progressive nation and legalise pot.
    We should be pushing things forward not looking over the wall to see what the neighbours are doing.

      1. IonaLotOfProblems

        Did I say that?
        Can’t see it above.
        Interesting…. are my comments like jazz where you have to see the words I don’t say?

        You’re a plank.

  3. Zaccone

    Colorado has a roughly comparable population to Ireland. And is now pulling in $200mn a year in tax revenues from weed. And theres also the massive amount of money saved in terms of police time and jail funding for drug offenders on top of that.

    I really hope some Irish political parties start to support a legalization effort soon, if only for the huge amount of revenue to be gained for the state from the legalization and taxation of weed.

    Plus morality wise it’d be a good thing obviously. But the revenue raising argument should get more conservative politicians on board I’d imagine.

  4. rotide

    It’s funny how the puritanical tone that accompanies any article about the Alcholic Drinks industry is always missing from any legalise type articles.

    1. jusayinlike

      How many deaths from pot consumption v how many deaths from alcohol consumption..

      try again rotide you troll

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